Opinion: Clear the way

With the new influx of students, it’s difficult for students to move through their school day without issues


Kennedy Detour

Because East and West Campus upperclassmen all attend the Upper Campus, students no longer need to travel between campuses to attend certain classes. But space during passing periods and lunches are more limited than ever — even with a new extension and open lunch.

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor

A student leaves the lunchroom to get ready to go to their next period, however as they leave they run into a crowd of students waiting to storm up the stairs. As the bell rings the hallways and stairs are now jammed and they worry if they will make it to the fourth floor in time. 

With the new influx of students, situations like this are a daily occurrence. While the new extension offers new opportunities and room for upperclassmen it creates problems within the lunchroom and hallways that aren’t made for the large quantity. 

This hallway traffic is worst at the end of the lunch periods when everyone waits by the stairs for the bell to ring. These hallways and stairs are not accommodated to fit the large crowd without some issues. “That’s where the problem is,” says security guard Vince Nichols. “It’s a problem because it’s hard to get through those people who are trying to get out through the south door and people coming in from the south door trying to get into other areas of the campus.” 

If stuck in these crowds how is one supposed to make it to the new wings which are farthest away from the south foyer. Students shouldn’t have to hurry throughout the school in order to make it to math class in time. But they end up needing to, because the jammed stairs from the lunch periods could result in a tardy. 

While it’s up to the students to be aware of the amount of time to get to their class it’s difficult when the stairs and tighter hallways are jammed. Even if students give themselves enough time to reach your destination other kids who may be fooling around or blocking areas will waste some time. 

Not only are hallways becoming crowded but so is the lunchroom. The cafeteria has become so packed that they had to expand seating into the south foyer to make enough room. This still isn’t enough, students are resorting to sitting on the floor because there isn’t enough space to eat comfortably. But considering students aren’t allowed to eat anywhere else in the school, there seems to be no other options.

Rushing to get to the math wing is a situation no student should be in. However that’s the case for many. The crowded areas throughout the school are making it difficult for students to get through their day with ease.