Offering change

MCHS administrators organize a new way for activities to raise money for their organizations at concession stands


Ella Trimingham

Working on behalf of National Honor Society, business teacher Erin Harris gives change while working the concession stand during the varsity girls basketball game on Dec. 3 outside the Upper Campus Main Gym.

Ella Trimingham, Copy Editor

MCHS volunteers gather at the concession stands waiting for half time when all the people come to get snacks. Families all get in line to get snacks for the rest of the game. The volunteers are excited to make funds for their favorite club. 

Students and volunteers at MCHS can sign up to work at the concession stands, and use the money received towards the clubs and activities they are involved in.

Barry Burmiester, the Athletic Administrator came up with the idea to allow student activities to participate in concessions and use the funds towards the clubs and activities.

Gregory Eiserman, assistant principal of student life said “I approached the student council first because they have some of the biggest bills,” he said. “Knowing that, this year, Homecomingawas going to be more challenging, a lot of additional expenses came along with that. I offered them to take the football season and make the money.” 

Basketball season has been considerably harder, considering less people are willing to volunteer at concessions now that people are getting busier with the holidays. “Right now we’ve been struggling to get organizations to commit to the basketball season,” Eiserman said. “I think people are tired, burnt out, and busy with the holidays.” 

Volunteering at the concessions brings funds to the smaller organizations that are less recognized than others. “I think sometimes it’s harder for our smaller organizations, who want to do an event, to have some money to do that.” Eiserman said, “ I think it’s going to be really beneficial for our students that are traditionally in activities that don’t necessarily get the publicity that some of our athletic teams do. This is an easy outlet for them to fundraise.” 

Erin Harris, a business teacher and National Honors Society Co-advisor, volunteered to work at the concession stands on Dec. 3 for the varsity boys and girls basketball game on behalf of the National Honors Society. She hoped to raise money toward a senior scholarship.

“I volunteered to work at the concession stand to raise money for the organization I co-advise.” said Harris, “It was nice to provide the fans of athletes, band members, cheerleaders, and dance team members with the opportunity to purchase refreshments.” 

After handing out the last few snacks they had, the volunteers finally took a deep breath and closed the doors. The game is over. They collected over $450 tonight for the NHS organization. Volunteers walk out of the doors feeling accomplished and excited for what the team can do with this money.