Playlist: Class Of 2023 Playlist

The Messenger asked the Class of 2023 about the songs that defined high school and compiled them into a soundtrack that captures their time at MCHS


A person’s high school experience is defined in some ways by the music they listen to. Here’s a playlist of the songs that defined the experience of the Class of 2023

With graduation approaching, The McHenry Messenger sent out a survey to the senior class, asking for the music that acted as a soundtrack to their high school career. We compiled them on this Spotify playlist called the “Class of 2023 Playlist.” Numerous genres, artists, and albums all across the musical spectrum are shown, but undoubtedly, the graduating class had a high school career full of bops.

In the hip-hop realm, seniors showed a lot of love to Metro Boomin’s “Heroes And Villains” with three tracks from it appearing here. Other rap powerhouses like Kendrick, Drake and 21 Savage made significant showings here playlist as well, exhibiting the genre that rose to the most listened to genre in the world during the 2023 graduating class’ years.  

Some very enigmatic song suggestions made the cut as well, with tracks like “Mastermind” from Doom OST and “Find Your Flame” from the Sonic Frontiers Original Soundtrack showing themselves in the senior class’ taste profile. 

With that all said, rest assured rock doesn’t die with the Class Of 2023. Metallica, Deftones, and Pearl Jam join the mix, showing that there will be plenty of headbanging at graduation parties going into this summer. 

By far the single artist with the most support from the seniors is country powerhouse Morgan Wallen, his album “One Thing At A Time” making up a significant amount of the country music part of the pie. However, Luke Combs and Brantley Gilbert also make appearances. 

The Class Of 2023 saw the rise of indie music during their years in high school, with artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Lovejoy, and Beabadoobie being worn on their sleeve. In particular, Waterparks got a lot of love from the seniors, which is only right considering their very recent rise in the genre. 

Pop radio also made its way into the mix, with icons like Harry Styles, SZA, and The Weeknd represented. Of course Taylor Swift is heavily featured as well, showing that the senior class keeps the pulse on popular music. 

The graduating class would also pull from the past during their time in MCHS. “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, “No Hands” by Waka Flocka Flames, and the fitting “Homecoming” by Kanye West are all featured throwbacks. 

The music that defined the graduating class is unique in its range. With rap, pop, alternative, and “Peaches” from the Super Mario Movie all making the cut, putting this playlist on shuffle guarantees some chaotic transitions, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from The Class Of 2023.