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We asked the Class of 2024 about the songs that will always remind them of their time in high school. Here’s what they said
Rachel Kaminski
Music plays an important role in defining how we feel about the world around us. The music seniors listened to their senior year will not only determine their taste for the rest of their lives; it’ll also capture a special moment in their lives.

The Class Of 2024 is a unique one to say the least. Starting their Freshman year online, they had a lot of time to listen to music and pretend to be paying attention.

As their sophomore and junior years came and went, generation-defining talents like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, Bon Iver, Ricky Montgomery, Morgan Wallen, and Bruno Mars entered their realm of music. Many throwbacks rounded out their music like Deftones, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Blink 182, and Queen. As the end of their senior year comes, we asked the senior class what music defined it all in the end and compiled it into a playlist– like a time capsule for their high school years.

Some artists got more love than others, and by far the most love went to‭ (‬who else but‭) ‬Taylor Swift‭. ‬Songs like‭ ‬“All Too Well‭ (‬10‭ ‬Minute Version‭)‬”‭ ‬and‭ ‬“You’re On Your Own‭, ‬Kid”‭ ‬in particular were featured on this playlist and it is clear that the biggest pop-star of our generation made an impact on this senior class‭.

Fellow pop artist Ariana Grande got her share of the spotlight on this playlist‭, with her song‭ ‬“No Tears Left To Cry”‬ being a highlight‭. ‬This late 2010’s chart-topper has introspective lyrics that a senior could appreciate‭, ‬but a beat that keeps things light‭, ‬inspiring the listener to keep looking up no matter how hard it gets‭. ‬

Surprisingly‭, ‬a lot of alternatives made it onto the playlist as well‭. ‬Artists like Deftones‭, ‬2024‭ ‬Lollapalooza headliners Blink-182‭, ‬Mother Mother‭, ‬Ricky Montgomery‭, ‬and Lizzy McAlphine rounded out the playlist showing that even the deep cuts meant a lot‭ ‬to this group of seniors‭. ‬

Particularly‭, ‬Panic‭! ‬At The Disco’s album‭ ‬“Pretty Odd‭.‬”‭ ‬got a couple of submissions from our seniors‭. ‬“Northern Downpour”‭, ‬centermost track on the aforementioned album‭, ‬is an acoustic lead track with reminiscent and nostalgic lyrics‭. ‬The instrumental‭ ‬builds towards the end with whimsical instruments and vocal arrangements making the quiet track feel bombastic and conclusive‮–‬‭ ‬something that a 2024‭ ‬graduate could relate to‭. ‬

Country artists like Noah Kahan and Morgan Wallen got lot’s of love from our seniors as well‭. ‬Additionally‭, ‬our seniors prove they have taste with throwbacks from Micheal Jackson and Queen‭.‬

“Don’t Stop Me Now”‭, ‬a popular Queen track‭, ‬keeps things light‭. ‬The classic rock piano and iconic vocals from Freddie Mercury give this playlist a‭ ‬much needed shot of adrenaline‭, ‬and can inspire any senior to keep their foot on the gas pedal‭. ‬

Songs from our seniors’‭ ‬childhoods popped up often‭. ‬Artists like Bruno Mars‭, ‬Avril Lavigne‭, ‬Justin Timberlake‭, ‬and Mac Miller who made their names in the 2010’s are not forgotten by this class‭.‬

Of course‭, ‬“We Are Young”‭ ‬by Fun‭, ‬a classic prom track, made it onto the song‭. ‬This song makes‭ ‬“the end”‭ ‬really feel like‭ ‬“the end”‭, ‬but also makes it seem less scary with its nostalgic and comforting lyrics‭. ‬

All in all‭, ‬these seniors show that‭, ‬even if they were locked in their houses‭, ‬their music taste remained immaculate‭. ‬

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