Pro: Standardized tests are beneficial to students

MCHS requires students to take the PSAT and SAT because is beneficial to open opportunities to their future


Allie Everhart

Even though fewer colleges consider scores on the SAT and ACT for admission, tests like the PSAT have benefits, including exposing students to a test that could give them an advantage in the college admissions process.

Mackenzie Sroka, Sports Editor

As PSAT and SAT typical testing time approaches, students begin to dread the fact that they have to take it. They question why they even have to take the PSAT, according to uniformed students, if colleges do not even care about that score. However, there are many benefits to these tests.

Currently there is a trend of colleges and universities no longer requiring SAT or ACT in order to be admitted to the school, but this is slowly reversing and some still require the scores. Schools that do not require the scores will still accept scores within a student’s application, which can be very beneficial to students if they did well. Students can earn scholarships and have a higher chance of acceptance with better SAT or ACT scores. Even with the PSAT students can earn recognition and scholarships, plus it works to prepare students for future testing.

The PSAT allows students to prepare themselves and understand how the SAT or ACT will work. Upper Campus counselor Gary Myers says that students and staff members can get a better understanding on where they are academically going into the future testing, which can help them prepare so they can better their scores.

Most believe that the PSAT stands for practice SAT however it actually means preliminary SAT. According to Curtis Menke, the college and career counselor, the PSAT can earn students scholarships and other recognition, such as national recognition programs, the National Merit Scholarship Program, and other prestigious national scholarship programs. The PSAT can have real outcomes for students, if they score well enough on the test.

Even though many colleges and universities currently require SAT or ACT scores, it can be very beneficial to increase acceptance to schools. If the student does not do well on the tests, then it does not have any consequence, but if they do well on the test it opens more opportunities for them. Scholarships and a higher acceptance can be earned by scoring well on the tests.

Taking and preparing for the PSAT, SAT or ACT can be very stressful on students. However, the rewards and opportunities that could come from these tests are worth the stress. Students that score well will be rewarded through scholarships or recognition, but if a student does not score well it will not work against them. The students future can be bettered through a week or two of stress.

Approaching testing season, many students should take the PSAT and other tests seriously, since it could benefit them in multiple different ways. Everyone has the opportunity to do well on the test and if they do not there is no negative effect upon them. So why stress over something that can be so beneficial?