Pro: Valentine’s Day is worthy of celebration

On Valentine’s Day, people can show love for the people they about—and for themselves


Madison Wise

Valentine’s day is a holiday surrounding the idea of love and affection.

Ciara Duncan, Layout Editor

Like it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Some may wonder what to get their sweetheart for the special day, while others hope that their crushes finally realize they exist. However the day may be spent, Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday worthy of celebration.

Days like these should be used as excuses to utilize a person’s own creativity. Whether that be crafting something physical, or creating a unique experience with the person you love. And, if creativity isn’t one’s strong suit, small businesses can benefit from the increased traffic during holidays like these. It’s a personal decision what cause a person’s money goes towards, and taking responsibility for that is nothing to be pushed aside.

In addition to this, many people may describe Valentine’s Day as a time for self-pity and eating way too many sweets. But, instead of viewing it as a bad thing, Valentine’s Day can be seen as a time for self-love. Taking time to appreciate those in your life, even if that is just yourself, is never a bad thing. And while it’d be ideal to celebrate the people you love everyday, it is all too common for life to get busy, and those around you to be pushed aside. Having a day dedicated to the act of normalizing the act of expressing love and attention to others can help a person make time for the people they love.

Some may have a sweetheart of their own to share the day with. But, they believe seeing others celebrate can create feelings of jealousy, and yearning for what they have. The issue with this is that no matter where a person is in life, there will always be something or someone they see and want. To say that Valentine’s Day should not be celebrated in order to prevent possible conflict is inherently selfish. It is the couple’s responsibility to relay their desires to their significant other, and those who have already accomplished this should not suffer due to other’s hesitation.

Some may argue that Valentine’s Day has become commercialized, and just another meaningless capitalist holiday. However, when looking at society as a whole, it seems that most every American holiday has become a way for big companies to make money. Does this mean that Valentine’s Day should be skipped, or those who celebrate it should be ridiculed?

At the end of the day, the whole point of holidays are to remind people to take time for what really matters in life. How a person chooses to spend any holiday is up to them. But, no matter where people stand on this day of love, it seems that for the moment it is here to stay.