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Students from Freshmen Student Council decorate a bulletin board advertising the groups Crush pop sale starting Feb. 8 during lunch.

A Crush for your crush

Leah Wickenkamp, Freshman Correspondant February 15, 2022

A teenage boy stands in the hallway, admiring his hallway crush as she walks by, her hair falling perfectly around her face, and her eyes glistening in the lights. He has wanted to say something to her...

Valentines Day can be one of the most fun days of the school year for high schoolers, especially those in relationships. But how seriously should people take adolescent relationships?

Opinion: “Sweethearts” don’t last forever

Beth Brackmann, Staff Writer February 14, 2022

February, a month of love begins. Walking down the hall, there are countless couples and people pairing up for the upcoming holiday of Valentine's day. They are just in high school. So why act like they...

Megan Foxs engagement ring, given to her by her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly, reportedly has thorns on the bands so it would hurt to take off — which is only one part of their engagement that feels strange.

Commentary: Controversial couple

Bee Myers, Staff Writer February 9, 2022

As people complete  their daily routine of scrolling on their Instagram feed, they all one way or another came across a post by Machine Gun Kelly — and possibly a video of him finally proposing to Megan...

Popularized on the TV show Parks and Recreation, Galentines Day honors friendships between women more than romantic relationships and become an affirming alternative to Valentines Day.

A day for the girls

Emma Westermeier, Staff Writer February 25, 2021

In a month characterized by sentimental Instagram posts, the corniest romance movies, and the loneliest of the lonely eating too many heart shaped chocolates, comes a holiday the ladies get to look forward...

Gifts such as candy and a teddy bear can show a person you care about them — or they could be a way of projecting to your followers on social media that you are sweet. Is that what Valentines Day is all about?

Opinion: Valentine’s Day has lost its heart

Alayna Majkrzak, Staff Writer February 5, 2021

Red hearts and giggles fill the air as people give their significant others grand gifts with big gestures. Flowers are passed between hands along with flirtatious glances are passed. While others wondered...

Being a teenager is already stressful enough, and the pressure added by the pandemic has made it so much worse. When parents add to this stress by being too pushy, research shows that it can have a particularly negative effect for a teenager.

Opinion: Parents just don’t understand

Kyla Henige, Managing Editor January 26, 2021

A student wakes up to his alarm at 8:30 a.m., waking him up for his first class of the day starting at 9. While going through the school day, the student stresses about all his homework, helping his parents...

Elle is MCHS’s advice columnist. Email her at

Ask Elle: Love sick

Elle Smith, Staff Writer November 20, 2020

Dear Elle: Before the pandemic, my relationship with my girlfriend was very strong. We had only been dating for a couple months when COVID hit. When the schools were shut down, my girlfriend and I weren't...

Valentines day is a holiday surrounding the idea of love and affection. Though, it might not spark the same feelings for everyone.

Con: Valentine’s Day brings out the worst of love

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor February 10, 2020

February is known more for its hearts, cheap chocolate, and flowers that die the next day than romance. Valentine’s Day is cute, don’t get me wrong, and most people whether in relationships or not...

Valentines day is a holiday surrounding the idea of love and affection.

Pro: Valentine’s Day is worthy of celebration

Ciara Duncan, Layout Editor February 10, 2020

Like it or hate it, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Some may wonder what to get their sweetheart for the special day, while others hope that their crushes finally realize they exist. However the...

Knowing the difference between a toxic relationship and a healthy relationship will help individuals stand up to abuse.

Opinion: Learn the signs of a toxic relationship

Alayna Trimingham, Opinions Editor February 4, 2020

A relationship requires both parties to be friends before anything romantic can occur. Without this, two people cannot understand each other enough for a healthy relationship. But what happens when you...

Many adolescents find love for the first time during their high school years, but it takes some a little bit of time to learn appropriate ways to express that affection in public.

Opinion: PDA is OK — to an extent

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor January 24, 2020

Couples in the hallway that kiss like they haven’t seen each other for years are the same couples who post on their various social media accounts “happy two-week anniversary, babe! I love you!” then...

Elle is MCHSs advice columnist. Email her at

Ask Elle: Crushed

Elle Smith, Advice Columnist December 19, 2019

Dear Elle: So, I’m a lesbian. I don’t hide it, but I also don’t make it my mission to announce it. At the moment as I write this I am chilling in a car with the most beautiful woman in the world....

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