MCHS hosts presentation for Spanish-speaking community members

On Jan. 31, MCHS hosted a family oriented presentation for the Spanish-speaking community


Luis Aguilar

Speaker Dr. Ferney Ramirez Hernandez talks to Spanish-speaking families during a special presentation about how to improve family relationships at the Upper Campus auditorium on Jan. 31.

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer

On Jan. 31, MCHS hosted a presentation for the Spanish-speaking community in the auditorium at the Upper Campus. Speaker Dr. Ferney Ramirez Hernandez discussed the importance of improving family relationships.

Dr. Ramirez Hernandez specializes in improving family relationships by asking the right questions to have a better understanding as to what the actual issue is.

MCHS welcomed bilingual families to join in a presentation about the importance of improving parent and child relationships to help them better as students and people outside of their home. Many students who attend MCHS brought their parents to this presentation to help them better understand issues at home along with building a better relationship with their parents.

“I attended because I wanted to hear what the presentation was about,” explained Pedro Jimenez. “I realized the relationship I have with my parents is sorta similar to the ones they were talking about and that there are ways I can improve.”

In this presentation, Ramirez Hernandez spoke about why it is important to speak to kids with generosity and appreciation, the same way a parent would like to receive back from them. He also explains the way it can affect their social life outside of the home.

“If I talk like that to my son, this will also have consequences. What consequences will this bring?”, asked Ramirez Hernandez during the presentation. “It will become rebellious. The kid will have low self-esteem. The little boy is full of courage, of resentment. And those things are going to hurt your life.”

The presentation continued with Ramirez Hernandez giving examples of common conversations that are held in a Spanish speaking household, which many of the kids and parents have heard before and related to.

Having this talk with parents and teachers, brings questions to the home and what they can all do to better their relationship with each other.