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Remote learning has been tough for everyone — including teachers and parents — but it has been most difficult for students both younger and older. When older siblings step up to help younger siblings with their school work, life has not only become more complicated, but also more rewarding.

Essay: Sister parents

Emma Snyder, News Editor January 25, 2021
There have been many challenging aspects over the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the lives of people across the globe. Everyone has faced their share of disappointments, struggles, and grief...
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Ask Elle: Coming out concerned

Elle Smith, Staff Writer January 13, 2021

Dear Elle: I have kind of a really big problem. I recently came out as bi to my family, and they have tried really hard to be accepting about it, but it clearly makes them uncomfortable. My mom has acted...

With the current events of the 2020 election, places all over the country are split between their political views.

Opinion: When politics divide, learn when to let go

Alayna Trimingham, Staff Writer November 13, 2020

Many people have trouble knowing when to say something and when to not say something, especially about politics. At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Are different political beliefs worth losing friends...

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Ask Elle: Pushing people away

Elle Smith, Staff Writer March 11, 2020

Dear Elle: My parents are driving me absolutely insane. Life hasn't been easy on me this week and every single time I try to talk to them about it, they just tell me that life is hard and I should just...

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