A Crush for your crush

This Valentines Day, freshmen in StuCo sold orange sodas as a way for students to show love and appreciation for their friends

Students from Freshmen Student Council decorate a bulletin board advertising the group’s Crush pop sale starting Feb. 8 during lunch.

Leah Wickenkamp, Freshman Correspondant

A teenage boy stands in the hallway, admiring his hallway crush as she walks by, her hair falling perfectly around her face, and her eyes glistening in the lights. He has wanted to say something to her all year, but is too scared to talk to her face-to-face.

The Freshman Student Council sold “Crush Pops,” cans of orange soda with a special note, as a fun way for students to show their love and appreciation to their friends and loved ones. They were sold on Feb 8-10 during lunch, and were $1.

“We just wanted to just do something fun, since Valentine’s Day is coming up,” said Jia Shah, a member of the student council. “We wanted to spread some love around campus.”.

With the Upper Campus having other Valentine’s gifts like candies from LASO and flowers from StuCo, these Crush Pops were the perfect way to spread the love over to the Freshman Campus.

“Getting a crush pop on Valentine’s Day was so exciting. It let me know someone was thinking about me. I think these little things throughout the year is what brings us all together, and is something to look forward to,” Olivia Bono said.

These sodas were passed out on Valentine’s Day during AIM, first thing in the morning. It allowed students to start their day off feeling cherished and loved.

“It gives someone something to look forward to,” Shah said.

The boy walks up to the concession stand at lunch, a one dollar bill in hand. He buys one soda, writes down the beautiful girl’s name, and waits, hoping that it at least puts a smile on her face. Maybe one day he will have the confidence to talk to her.