Referendum to reduce student travel and facilitate repairs

Dr. McTague Weighs in on Benefits of Referendum


Mock up of renovation plans for West Campus after community approves referendum.

Elle Smith, Editor - West Campus

On Tuesday, November 1, 2019, a referendum passed which will change McHenry Community High School forever.

According to Ryan McTague, Superintendent of MCHS District 156, the changes proposed in the referendum will greatly benefit the students, staff, and McHenry community. McTague says that many needs will be addressed that will affect the district and community.

Some of the changes include fixing the aging infrastructure of the schools, as well as eliminating inequity in courses. A large number of students travel between East and West Campuses daily. So much so, that there are currently 47 running busses per day. The referendum will eliminate or greatly reduce the need for travel, as upperclassmen will have every option and opportunity to take the classes that they want to take.

A key objective for the referendum is to create a sustainable future for MCHS as the district continues to reinvest in the school for years to come, beyond the physical repairs, and expands the opportunities for new classes and such.

The referendum will cost the district $44 million, which will be coming from building bonds.  According to an article in The Northwest Herald, titled The referendum passed with 56.95 percent of voters – 8,578 votes for the referendum, and 43.05 percent against it.

“I feel great, I feel awesome [about the referendum]” says McTague. Overall, it looks as if the referendum will affect the school district in a positive way.