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Ask Elle: Winter blues

Ask Elle: Winter blues

Elle Smith, Advice Colummnist

December 3, 2019

Dear Elle: During the summer, most of my friends know me as someone who is fun, outgoing, and loves to go on adventures. But now that it's getting colder and darker day by day, I'm finding it harder and harder to be motivated to do anything. It's not just going out with friends or getting Starbucks...

Ask Elle: Feeling like a fifth wheel

Elle Smith, Advice Columnist

October 10, 2019

Dear Elle: My friends have all been hanging out without me for quite some time now without telling me. Every time I bring it up to them, they get mad at me and say I'm overreacting and that I shouldn't be mad at them. I don't know how to react because I don't want them to keep telling me I'm in the w...

Ask Elle: The stressful junior journey

Elle Smith, Advice Columnist

September 23, 2019

Dear Elle: So, basically, last year I coasted through the year with only doing the major homework and whatever I wanted to do. This year, I'm a junior and every class I get a lot more homework—every single day.  Lately it's been quite stressful because I am in theatre and it’s my first year i...

Ask Elle: Should I stay or should I go?

Elle Smith, Advice Columnist

September 4, 2019

Dear Elle: My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. We are seniors and have been talking a lot about college. I've decided to go to MCC, but my boyfriend is looking at a private school in Wisconsin. We even visited the college last week. I'm worried, though, because I don't know if our re...