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Ask Elle: Feeling like a fifth wheel

Elle Smith, Advice Columnist

October 10, 2019

Dear Elle: My friends have all been hanging out without me for quite some time now without telling me. Every time I bring it up to them, they get mad at me and say I'm overreacting and that I shouldn't be mad at them. I don't know how to react because I don't want them to keep telling me I'm in the w...

Ask Elle: The stressful junior journey

Elle Smith, Advice Columnist

September 23, 2019

Dear Elle: So, basically, last year I coasted through the year with only doing the major homework and whatever I wanted to do. This year, I'm a junior and every class I get a lot more homework—every single day.  Lately it's been quite stressful because I am in theatre and it’s my first year i...

Ask Elle: Should I stay or should I go?

Elle Smith, Advice Columnist

September 4, 2019

Dear Elle: My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. We are seniors and have been talking a lot about college. I've decided to go to MCC, but my boyfriend is looking at a private school in Wisconsin. We even visited the college last week. I'm worried, though, because I don't know if our re...