The McHenry Messenger

Sum elbow grease

Leylah Moreno, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

Math teacher Mr. Dan Carr stood at the front of the classroom in McHenry Community High School, gazing into the faces of his new students. His palms were sweating as he introduced himself, and his stomach...

Calculations and compassion

Sitting at his desk, Lukas reinvents what teaching math looks like with the use of digital technology.
Madison Harvey, Contributing Writer November 5, 2020

Mr. Andrew Lukas sits at his desk, ready to log onto Zoom for another day of classes. This day, like any other, will pose new challenges for him. Virtual learning is uncharted territory, and many teachers...

The long road leads to McHenry

Grading students' papers, Hokinson constantly reflects on his road to McHenry Community High School.
Olivia Greenwald, Contributing Writer November 18, 2019

As he looks around his classroom and at his students, Mr. Kristian Hokinson thinks about his journey that got him to where he is today. Hokinson has always loved math, and he has always been really good...

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