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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

HBOs new spin on the Scooby Doo franchise is a messy misrepresentation of the classic characters

Review: Jinkies! Another bad reboot

Beth Brackmann, Contributing Writer March 13, 2023

With the first season being released on January 12 of this year, HBOMax’s new show “Velma” by Mindy Kaling has been met with a very poor reception. With a 42% on Rotten Tomatoes and 1.4 on IMDB....

Cuphead uses a unique vintage style of animation to portray the tale of two brothers off to find adventure.

Review: Owe the devil your soul

Beth Brackmann, Freshman Correspondant March 11, 2022

A new string of Netflix originals introduces a new animated series “The Cuphead Show.” Unlike some other video game-based series, this one is funny and great to watch with the whole family.   The...

Many consider the anime Dragon Ball the most successful manga and anime series of all time. Goku is its main character.

Review: Retro nostalgia

Paulina Borowski, Staff Writer February 11, 2022

The '90s and early '2000s were the early era’s of anime, that was when the prime time of popularity for these japanese animated shows. But, these specific anime are the most known and loved by the anime...

Arcane shows bright colors and a beautiful art style accompanied by a dramatic story line to keep you occupied.

Review: You’re a Jinx

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor January 5, 2022

Dystopian family drama, a battle with oneself, and a debate of morals are things that make “Arcane” such an amazing show. “Arcane” was released in November 2021 in three acts, the first being released...

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, “Squid Game” became an instant success, amassing over 132 million views in the shows first 23 days, shattering the record set by “Bridgerton.”

Review: Let the games begin

Kylie Chisamore, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

When red light, green light and tug-of-war becomes a life or death matter, it is no longer fun and games. When everything’s on the line, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for the number one spot and...

Passionate fans play an important role in making a franchise popular and successful, but they also have the power to tear down franchises that they disagree with.

Opinion: Stop bullying actors for doing their jobs

Emma Westermeier, Staff Writer April 29, 2021

With the recent release of the show “Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” a new Captain America is introduced as a more corporate version of Steve Rogers. Played by actor Wyatt Russel, the character is...

My Hero Acadamia, a show about a school full of students with extraordinary powers — and tops this list of anime shows to watch.

Review: 10 anime shows to keep your energy up this winter

MJ Smit, Staff Reporter February 4, 2021

Bored at home? Don’t know what to watch while sitting on the couch eating your snacks? Want anime to consume your life to where you never stop watching it and you end up buying merch and posters of anime...

Glee aired on the Fox network from 2009 to 2015, which accounts for its popularity and influence among high schoolers right now.

Review: 10 “Glee” covers to bring joy when life gets dark

Alayna Majkrzak, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

The early 2000s were the glory days for Generation Z's music, but something  else made the early 2000s iconic for our generation: “Glee.” the show almost everyone knows and loves (or at least tolerates)...

Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff star in Netflixs new show I Am Not Okay With This  which was available for streaming on February 26.

Review: Are You Okay With This?

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor March 18, 2020

Just when it seemed like there were no more original series' worth watching, Netflix released "I Am Not Okay With This" starring Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff, both of whom are child actors who are arguably...

Since 2011, “Impractical Jokers” has made audiences laugh with their unscripted competitive antics. The comedy team hit the big screen in February with their first feature-length film.

Review: Impractical fun

Zach Brown, Sports Editor March 13, 2020

For years, “Impractical Jokers” has been a television staple. The silly antics of four friends from Staten Island has proven to be a hit, providing laughter for the masses. Now, the Jokers head to...

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