Niemic, an American studies teacher, pushes students to succeed and work hard in class while also leading the MCHS varsity football team to success


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Niemic directs his varsity football team during the Homecoming football game.

Krystal Zamudio, Contributing Writer

Prepared to start teaching his third period class in a freezing room with a blue gatorade in his hand, Mr. Jon Niemic is ready to start teaching his Honors American Study history class. Niemic is striving with energy all throughout the day, eager and fully prepared for the Friday night football game. While during the day Niemic is an effective and caring teacher to his students, by the night he is a respected, goal-oriented head football coach for McHenry Community High School. Niemic is not only educating students about history but is also getting the McHenry football team back on track to their own triumphant season.

Being a teacher is all about the thrive to teach and wanting the new generations to succeed. Niemic is more than a teacher. “My teachers and coaches rubbed off on me and were impactful for me so that’s why I went down the path I went down, to impact other students.” stated Niemic. He wants to assist students so they can reach their full potential and lead them towards the right path. “ Niemic teaches in a way that keeps students interested,” asserted Jazmin Gonzales, a student of Niemic’s Honors American Study class. While Niemic is plain spoken in the classroom, on the football field is a whole different play. 

Not only does Niemic impact the students lives in a classroom but on the field.  “Football is the ultimate team game.” said Niemic, he chose football for this reason, to work with players and teach them how to work together. “He is a great coach that will love you like a son and coach,” explained Zack Maness, a varsity football player. He enjoys what he does and loves teaching the football players not only new plays but life lessons along the way. 

Niemec puts in the effort on both the classroom and the field. Niemic is motivated by what he does everyday because of his surroundings. “The kids everyday. Being around the kids and seeing them succeed,” explained Niemic. The students see the type of teacher Niemic is and what goals he has for all of the students. “He believes in every single one of us,” explained junior Joey Crowley. Staff and students at MCHS could not have asked for a better role model for students in a classroom or out on the football field.

Students all need a positive role model in our life who wants us to succeed and that role model for many is head varsity coach and Honors American study teacher, Jon Niemic. Niemic has an impact on and off the field that changes the life of students in a significant way.