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The McHenry Messenger

McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

Reaching out to students, Mr. Cody Freund is one of the most reliable teachers at MCHS.

A Freundly Face

Maddi Friedle, Contributing Writer March 24, 2023

As Mr. Cody Freund reminisces on his past experiences with McHenry Community High School, he revisits all the good memories that lie in the halls. While making his way to his classroom, he walks past a...

Many teachers at MCHS are married to each other. Some even met each other while working at the school — and, in some cases, the same department.

Love is in the classroom

Lydia Lawrence, Business Director February 15, 2023

Upper Campus science teacher Beth Caruso stares at the copy machine with impatience at the end of the school day, frustrated that the box of metal and screws isn’t working properly. Just as she’s about...

Frau Annette Folien sits at her desk during AIM at the Freshman Campus on January 13. Folden teaches all four levels of German at both the Freshman and Upper Campuses.

To swim and not drown

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor January 20, 2023

A woman walks through the doors of the Freshman Campus, donning knowledge of a completely different life from anyone else there. Her experience helps her to teach students about the German language and...

Leah Pelletier, a science instructor who teaches Honors Principles of Biomedical Science, Honors Medical Interventions and Medical Residency, has found that teaching bridges her passion for science and nurturing people.

Changing plans

Vanessa Moreno, Staff Writer October 12, 2022

Before Leah Pelletier was a biomedical science teacher, she was an aspiring pediatrician. That is, until all eight medical schools she applied to rejected her. Or maybe it was seven — one got lost...

Ashley Nagel speaks to one of her freshman students during AIM on Mar. 18 in room 424 at the Freshman Campus.

Failure doesn’t define

Peyton Whelan, Contributing Writer March 18, 2022

The bell just rang and Ashley Nagel is sitting at her desk waiting for her Biology class to begin. As students make their way into the classroom she gazes over the class, seeing the familiar bright faces....

Spanish teacher Natalie Alatorre, who teaching at MCHS during remote learning, has hit her stride now as a second year teacher at both the Freshman Campus and the Upper Campus.

Giving back

Vanessa Moreno, Staff Writer January 6, 2022

Natalie Alatorre stands in front of her Spanish classes delighted to be in person with them for the first time. Her mind travels back to when she was sitting in the same seats her students are now. Seeing...

Niemic directs his varsity football team during the Homecoming football game.


Krystal Zamudio, Contributing Writer October 12, 2021

Prepared to start teaching his third period class in a freezing room with a blue gatorade in his hand, Mr. Jon Niemic is ready to start teaching his Honors American Study history class. Niemic is striving...

Though he has played a variety of roles throughout his tenure at MCHS, college prep instructor Kris Hokinson has made a powerful impact on his students.

Hele mai ho’ohiwahiwa

Kyla Henige, Managing Editor February 9, 2021

Many students go through their day at school with teachers who  aren’t as enthusiastic and don’t try to make connections with each individual student. But student who take college prep instructor...

Laughing with his students, Derek Galvicius listens back to a recording with his Surround Sound students on March 5 in the West Campus choir room.

Safe in sound

Megan Walsh, Contributing Writer March 9, 2020

Students roaming around West Campus may hear faint singing as they approach the choir room. Students of all backgrounds and personalities feel welcomed as they walk into the room for choir. The acceptance...

Rachel Hanson has taught special education for 14 years, though this is only her second year working at West Campus.

Touching hearts and minds

Emma Snyder, Staff Writer January 27, 2020

Teachers impact their students every day and leave lasting imprints. Oftentimes teachers are in-turn inspired by their students. The same is true for Adjusted Learning Program teacher, Rachel Hanson. She...

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