Six chances

Wordle has been so popular students and even teachers have been playing it


Rachel Kaminski

The word puzzle game Wordle has taken the world by storm. Players have only six chances to pick the right word.

Paulina Borowski, Staff Writer

With just two letters highlighted green, and only one more guess, they had to make this count. Running through every possible combination of the available letters, they type in their final guess to see whether they got the word of the day correct. All the tiles turn green. Finally, they figured out.

Wordle is a five-letter puzzle that posts new words daily. There are knock-off Wordles out there that allow you to play more, but the real Wordle that is now owned by The New York Times is only one word, six tries, each day. People started posting their scores online, which sparks conversations about words and guesses. It’s become the new craze of the year. Wordle is even viral here at MCHS.

I love Wordle,” says Margaret Carhart, an English teacher at Upper Campus. “It’s challenging enough to keep me engaged but not too challenging to make me give up.  I also compare my daily score and guesses to my husband’s in a friendly competition, which is fun.” 

Many students are also playing this world wide game, and they are the ones that have been recommending Wordle to others. It’s proved to be a very popular game, with 300,000 players right in the beginning of the year. It’s now believed that over 2 million users are playing Wordle globally.

“I do the daily Wordle because it gives me something fun to do everyday,” said sophomore Mollie Hobson. “I look forward to it because it allows me to take my mind away from things like school and other stressors. It might be kind of difficult, but I definitely would recommend Wordle to other people, but I don’t think it’s for everyone.”

Students of all classes enjoy Wordle and they are unintentionally learning vocabulary by playing the game. People learn strategies to expose as many vowels as possible in the first few guesses; that’s what keeps anyone guessing.

Junior Henry Cichon also adds, “It’s a good brain warm-up for the morning, since I do it every morning. It requires a lot of thought and problem solving, but I recommend it because the sense of accomplishment when all of those little tiles go green that tells you that you got the word.”

Wordle encourages players to share strategies and scores and talk about words in a casual way like, “What word did you start with?” and “What does that word even mean?” It really keeps everyone engaged to share their scores with others. 

The daily word on Worlde always has a trending spot on Twitter, yet many have been quite outraged at the sudden change in the game’s word choices. Now today’s words to guess have been quite difficult for the daily Worlde players. Some are claiming they’ve never heard of the word, and others saying once again, there were too many variations for them to be able to guess it. 

Worlde is quite a challenging word puzzle, having a library of 2,315 mystery words as well as all 12,972 words you are allowed to guess, yet a lot of people love the thrill of a guessing game. Can you guess Wordle’s worldly word of the day?