MCHS dance classes perform in winter showcase

The P.E. classes held their first dance showcase since covid in the Upper Campus auditorium on Wednesday

P.E. dance classes performed an end of the semester showcase on Wednesday, Dec. 7 in the Upper Campus auditorium.

Savannah Drost, Staff Writer

McHenry High School’s P.E. dance classes performed in a showcase on Dec. 7 for the first time since the COVID pandemic began two years ago.

Since the beginning of September, third and fifth hour P.E. classes, taught by Colleen Eddy, have been learning choreography for the show.

Eddy taught her students taught jazz, hip hop, tap and contemporary dance styles.

“If we had more dress rehearsals, it would be smoother but, overall, everyone came and did their job wonderfully,” she says.

Maggie Evans, a sophomore at MCHS, performed in the showcase. “It would have been smoother if we had better timing, but it went great” she says.

The classes performed dances set to songs such as “Sour Candy” and “Skywalker.” The showcase featured  featured dance solos by Chole Franklin, Allie Everhart and Savannah Drost and a finale dance choreographed by senior Paige Neidhardt

Overall, the 2022 dance showcase was a success, and students were given a wonderful opportunity to perform in front of their families and peers.