A child’s wish | Warrior Weekly 10.25.22

Five-year-old Mikey Hollingsworth receives a special Make-A-Wish celebration

Rayaan Ahmed, Kyra Henry, and Apryl Hanneman

WSM attended a special Make-A-Wish reveal for 5-year old Mikey Hollingsworth. Make- A- Wish is a foundation that grants life changing wishes for children with a critical illness. Make- A – Wish Illinois put together a memorable reveal and surprised Mikey with a trip to Disney World. 

Make-A-Wish representative Lisa Peters explains the process of planning the event: “It took about two weeks to plan everything. Just getting everyone to collaborate, the school was amazing with getting the high school involved, and then just touching base with the fire department, the police department, and the community itself has just been amazing. This is our way of giving back, to make sure these children receive what they wished for.” Along with his Disney World Trip and celebration, Mikey was surprised with a ride in a fire truck, ambulance and a helicopter.

Tom Bradtke, a LifeNet Medic, expressed how supporting this cause gave LifeNet the opportunity to be an important part of the community. “This is absolutely fantastic. Part of the process of what we do as an organization with Air Methods Corporation that is we are here for the community, we want to be a part of the community, we want to do everything we possibly can to help to community in any way we possibly can, not only from flying patients, but being here and these types of events to show our support for the community that we are in.”  

People from all ends of the McHenry community showed up in support of Mikey, even our very own MCHS students and athletes. Senior Taiya Stewart gives her perspective on the celebration, “I just feel like it’s so important because there’s so many people out there who don’t get the kind of support that they need and don’t get the support that they wish they had and just having a community too around to support them, it’s just really important because they might need that and just you never know how much it impacts them.” Freshman Kyra Hanneman explains, “it was heartwarming because it’s like humanity coming together just to do something to make this little boy happy”.

Thank you to the McHenry community, students, and Make A Wish for supporting Mikey and making his day so special.