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All hail the watcher

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej explore evidence from around the world to prove that the paranormal is real
Watcher Entertainment
In the first episode of Ghost Files, hosts Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej explore the infamously haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky.

Every episode of “Ghost Files” starts the same way: “Welcome to Ghost Files”. Where we take your evidence and our tools into the field to expose the supernatural. My partner, a skeptic. Myself, a believer. Both of us, truth seekers.” With new evidence, more locations, more tools, more ghouls, but the same ghoul boys, “Ghost Files” continues.

Creators Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, founders of the YouTube channel Watcher, aired their brand-new ghost-hunting series titled “Ghost Files”, on Sept. 23 2022. “Ghost Files” is a YouTube series that focuses on gathering and analyzing paranormal evidence in various haunted locations to prove the existence of the supernatural, and recently it has been gaining traction beyond hardcore fans.

Formerly on “Buzzfeed Unsolved”, a show about unsolved crimes, hauntings and historical mysteries. After leaving to found their own company, Bergara and Madej came back to their ghost-hunting roots in an entirely new show.

Bergara and Madej have not lost their passion for ghost hunting ever since “Ghost Files” aired. It takes all the funny gimmicks from former “Buzzfeed Unsolved” and creates something entirely new with more in-depth investigations of the paranormal at each location due to its entirely separate production on Watcher Entertainment than what Buzzfeed had to offer.

The Watcher production value has spared no expense to refine Ghost Files including the overall aesthetic, scene design, CGI renderings, phantom illustrations and professional equipment. The overall framing of the show gives a bit of classic “Ghostbusters” feel with the show’s graphic design and certain scenes with classic rotary phones, fan testimonials, and the set of the “boo bunker,” a home base for the affectionately named “Ghoul boys,” Bergara and Madej.

“Ghost Files” mimics a lot of other popular ghost-hunting shows like “Ghost Hunters”, “Ghost Adventures”, and “Ghost Nations”. These shows have the dynamic of a group of self-serious paranormal investigators that use ghost-hunting gadgets to prove paranormal existence (though some evidence was staged for entertainment).

Now that “Buzzfeed Unsolved” no longer fits this mold, it does not put the burden of entertainment on its evidence. Now, as “Ghost Files” airs on the private Watcher Entertainment production, Bergara and Madej can focus on their personalities and relationship dynamics rather than worrying about entertainment and censorship.

They are allowed to say and do hilariously stupid things to the extent that are heightened by their dynamic. The eeriness of Bergara’s insight into each haunted location (and dare I say his cowardice) is constantly undermined by Madej’s unbeatable disbelief in the supernatural. 

Seeing the contrast in their belief toward the supernatural with Bergara’s strong belief and Madej’s skepticism, it never fails to entertain as they air their second season of “Ghost Files”, currently. 

The show’s entertainment value comes from their personalities, not as much toward gathering evidence as the other ghost-hunting shows previously mentioned.

It is not uncommon that in some episodes nothing supernatural happens, except for some unexplainable activity on a camera or a random whisper in someone’s ear. While other shows would archive such evidence, Bergara and Madej do not focus on evidence, so their credibility to their investigations is more true and raw if something odd happens to be captured on camera. They pride themselves on their authenticity, and never faking their evidence like other ghost hunting shows, and while this occasionally leads to episodes feeling ghost-less, it is saved by its hosts Bergara and Madej and their charming dynamic.

Watcher Entertainment has truly allowed “Ghost Files” creative freedom to pursue wide innovative passions and projects. “Ghost Files” is elevated by its producers and predecessors to feel like a personal project for Bergara and Madej, and it is obvious as the show continues to air on its second season and further live tour. “Ghost Files” is arguably in its prime with its success.

Whether a skeptic or a true believer, anyone can enjoy “Ghost Files” for its goofball antics blended with informative investigation as Bergara and Madej will have you deeply entertained with every episode.

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