APLAC students run for president

Students taking APLAC run for president to learn about politics and get the feeling of a politician

Posters hang around West Campus advertise students running for APLAC president. Students vote on November 14th.

Hayley DuHamel, Staff Reporter

AP Language and Composition, or APLAC, is holding a in-class presidential election where students put up their own campaign posters around the school and give speeches where they make promises to the student voters. 

According to East Campus APLAC teacher Heidie Dunn, the election is held because, “Understanding political rhetoric [the way politicians can manipulate us through their words, speeches, and commercials], is an important part of being a well-informed citizen of the United States, and the best pathway to understanding this type of rhetoric is creating it yourself.”

“The students run for president by forming a team of about four people, we pick a campaign manager and the other ones work with us on a speech. And with them, just kind of create a speech, we create a commercial, we create out campaign ideas. It’s just one giant team,” says APLAC presidential candidate David Henry.

In total, there are 12 students running for president this year. There are four candidates in the primary election for each period. In the first period, the candidates are Kennedi Lucas, Zach Martin, Sydney Murrin, and Kira Richards. In the third period: Johnnie Gordon, Marley Koleno, Dakota Owens, and Cole Zgrzebski. And lastly, in the eighth period, we have Richelle Abano, David Henry, Caleb Schopen, and Ashley Watcher.

Before the final votes, students participated in a Rally Day on November 14. During the rally, according to West Campus APLAC teacher Peter Kim, “Students in each class period present their speeches and commercials (the primary election). Each class period votes between the four candidates to represent their period for the day of the debate during AIM.”