Business booming: Snapology store one of many new options in downtown McHenry


In McHenry, many new businesses have opened up on Green Street. From restaurants to a do-it-yourself dog-wash, there are now numerous new services that are available. One of the new businesses in the area is Snapology, a play-place for kids that works with LEGO, robotics, science, technology, engineering, art and math (also collectively known as STEAM).

Though it’s only been open for 19 months, Snapology, located on 1112 North Green Street, has quickly become a popular attraction among children ages five to 12 and their parents

The owners, Vanessa and Joe Quinn, decided to open their business in a small space on Green Street when they were trying to find something similar for their own young children to be a part of.

“We found nothing in the area, but then we found Snapology, and we knew that our kids would love it,” Vanessa Quinn said. “We really have such a variety of activities.”

The main programs at Snapology, a part of a chain of similar centers throughout the United States, incorporate LEGO building toys and STEAM concepts into fun experiences for children. Some popular programs include themes, like Star Wars and Minecraft animation days. But some programs expand more on robotics, engineering, and other types of technology.

“A lot of our programs use laptops and computers so we can teach the kids robotics, animation, and video game design,” said Vanessa. “We also have a drone program as a camp this summer.”

Snapology mainly attracts the attention of kids, but there are programs for everyone, including team-building seminars for adults and internships for teens.

Kyla Henige, a freshman at MCHS West Campus, completed an internship at Snapology last year.

“It was a really great experience,” Henige said. “The working community there is so welcoming and sweet.”

With its colorful interior and a myriad of activities for people of all ages, the community at Snapology is welcoming to everyone, including the parents and grandparents of the children that attend.

“Doing these activities interests so many different people,” Vanessa said. “They have the potential to really foster interaction with peers as well as across family generations.”