Graduation moved indoors due to inclement weather

MCHS will now be hosting two separate ceremonies in the main gym on Saturday to accommodate a combined class of graduates



This year’s graduation ceremony was slated to take place at McCracken Field to accommodate a new combined class of seniors formerly from East and West.

Freedom Tomasello, Staff Writer

Due to inclement weather, the MCHS graduation ceremony will now be held in the Upper Campus main gym on Saturday instead of McCracken Field. 

The ceremony will be divided into two groups, one at 11 a.m. and the other at 2 p.m.

“It’s honestly a bummer,”  senior McKenna Keegan states. “I was looking forward to graduating with all of my friends at the same time and taking photos after.”

In April, students and families were asked to sign up for a time slot through Sign-Up Genius. Following the change, MCHS has said to check emails for more information and that time slots cannot be changed.

With the disappointment of no longer being the first class to graduate on the field after the COVID-19 pandemic, along with being split from their peers due to the different time slots, some seniors are upset with the news.

”I would definitely prefer the ceremony to be outside,” Keegan adds, “but if it’s going to be raining, then I guess being inside is all around the better alternative.”

More information about graduation and the change can be found on the Class of 2022 website.