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Countdown to Halloween | Opinion: “Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Christmas movie  

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is not a Halloween movie like many believe, but rather it is a Christmas classic meant to be enjoyed during the holiday season 
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Part of The Nightmare Before Christmas’s audience claims that the film represents the Christmas spirit more.

A couple gets home from a frigid day of ice skating, holiday shopping, and enjoying other Christmas activities. They turn on their television and settle under a blanket with eggnog and candy canes. When looking for a movie, one suggests “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The two get into a brief debate about whether the movie is more fit for Halloween, or Christmas. However in the end they both agree that the movie is indeed meant for the Christmas season.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Christmas movie, not a Halloween movie. Besides the name “Christmas” quite literally being in the title, there are a multitude of reasons why Tim Burton’s movie is a film to be watched not with a pumpkin spice latte, but rather a peppermint hot chocolate. 

The movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” by Tim Burton, tells the story of “Jack Skellington” who is the king of Halloween Town. However, when he learns about Christmas, he becomes so bewitched that he kidnaps Santa and impersonates him. At the end of the movie, when Santa is stolen by the evil Oogie Boogie man, Jack saves Santa Claus and redeems himself.

One of the main reasons that this movie is meant to be watched around Christmas time, is that the heart of the story takes place around Christmas Eve. Because the setting of the movie is centered around the Christmas holiday, it is only natural for this movie to be watched around Christmas. Also, the backdrop for the majority of the movie scenes is snowy-and Christmas-y, furthering the point that the very core of this movie is a winter classic.

The movie’s soundtrack is cheery and upbeat which is contrary to the typical music that is played around Halloween. Christmas time is often associated with cheery bright colors and music which the movie clearly demonstrates. Halloween on the other hand has a gloomy and depressing atmosphere around it. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” does not match the gloomy mood that Halloween carries. Rather, it is a jolly movie and meant for December, not October.

While some elements of the movie are indeed spooky, the same can be said for other Christmas classics. For example: “The Grinch” by Dr Suess. This movie has some disturbing elements and even mentions the main character having “termites in his smile”. Despite this, nobody tries to label it as a Halloween movie. If other Christmas movies can also have spooky themes it only makes sense for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to be considered a Christmas classic as well.

In conclusion, Tim Burton’s most famous iconic movie is not a Halloween movie like most people believe. But rather, this perfect jolly movie is a Christmas Classic that is to been enjoyed by all, especially around Christmas time.

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