Diligent Warriors

MCHS celebrates October’s staff members of the month and their dedication to their students


Madison Wise

Director of bands Spencer Hile and West science teacher Ryan Ellison were nominated and selected as November’s staff member of the month at East and West respectively.

Jared Bysiek, Features Editor

MCHS’s new practice of honoring staff members each month continues in October. During their respective November faculty meetings, West Campus science teacher Ryan Ellison and the director of bands Spencer Hile were announced as this month’s Staff Members of the Month. 

While Ellison felt the willingness of his students to learn, and their talent as the reason he won, Hile found his bond with the students as the reason. “I think the band is a very close-knit community and I have the privilege of teaching students for multiple years, which is different than most teachers,” Hile said. “This amount of time spent with students leads to the formation of lots of close relationships and I think some of my students who I’ve had for a few years came together to nominate me for this award!” 

Both teachers were not expecting to receive this award, and were surprised to realize they had won.  “I absolutely was [surprised]! I was looking over at Mr. Custodio before it was presented and we were signaling to one another ‘you’re going to win this’ … ‘no, you’re going to win this’,” Ellison said. “Kind of just joking around because we have a mutual respect for one another but never thought that one of us would actually be called out.”

Just like the teachers who last won, both feel humbled by the experience, and find the award to be an important part of school culture. “I think it is a great idea to recognize people who work in a school environment,” Hile said. “School employees are often not recognized enough for the time and effort that they put in for students and this is a great way to recognize them.” Ellison also believes it is simply a cool concept, and that it feels good for students to show appreciation for the staff.

Despite many students still not knowing, or being willing to participate in voting for Staff Member of the Month, it is important to reiterate other ways students can show appreciation for their teachers and faculty members. “When students come up and tell you how impactful you’ve been or just say thank you, it really reinforces why an educator goes into this profession,” Ellison said. “My favorite thing is when students who have graduated drop me a line and let me know how they’re doing.”

For Hile, he agrees that something as simple as a thank you note written by a student can make a large impact on a teacher’s day. It is important to remember the effort and work that goes into a teacher’s job, and the Staff Member of the Month awards help show this appreciation. 

Students and parents can vote for MCHS’s staff member of the month here.