Focusing on the freshmen | Warrior Weekly 10.25.22

Leadership in Action leads freshmen in the right direction

Becoming acclimated to a new school environment is no easy task. Especially for freshmen starting their first year of high school at their own new campus. To combat this, seniors in Leadership in Action have stepped up to make the freshmen feel more at home. Seniors travel to Freshmen Campus weekly to speak with their assigned Freshmen AIM class.

Making the freshmen comfortable into their high school transition is the main goal but sometimes that doesn’t happen. The freshmen may have a hard time understanding certain things going into high school. Leadership in Action leaders use many strategies to connect with there freshmen, as said by senior Reagan DuHamel: “I use a lot of patience, and also I put emphasis into each of my lessons, that I try to teach them… Dr. P always talks about being a warrior, and I try to drill that into them a lot.” With the skills Reagan has learned throughout the years these are ways she communicates with her freshmen.

Therefore, multiple freshmen feel a lot more included  and welcomed into MCHS. Ayden Hirsch explains,“Yeah because they’re just fun to talk to and really they are great people. Just gives you something to look forward to.” With that being said most Leadership in action leaders put in a ton of effort into working with the younger students at Freshman Campus.

Leadership in Action AIM leaders’ goal is to leave an impact on the freshmen by the end of the school year. The friendships and bonds the leaders and freshmen make can leave a big impression on them moving forward throughout highschool. The leaders look forward to continuing connecting with their freshmen and teaching them what they have learned throughout their four years in high school.