Gallery: Freshman Pride Camp

Last week, freshmen spent the day getting to know their school and each other at Pride Camp

Lilyonna Kribley
Freshman students take part in team building activities during Pride Camp at Camp Duncan in Ingleside on Sep. 24.

Haley Passarelli, Contributing Writer

Last week, the freshmen and their senior leaders had their annual Freshman Pride Camp at Camp Duncan in Ingleside. Different staff members helped run different activities and games for the freshmen with help from senior leaders. 

Some of the activities that the students participated in this year were Battle tanks, A Potato Story and a meditation circle where students could learn how to control their emotions and breathing. 

“I had fun at camp,” said freshman Alex Anderson. “There were a lot of different activities and fun group games.”

The freshmen learned a lot about teamwork and how to help others. They also learned a lot about mental wellness and that it’s important to keep calm and to not get overwhelmed in stressful situations.