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MCHS athletics participate in events and host games to celebrate the 2023 Homecoming season
Kennedy Tetour
The volleyball team marches down Green Street in last year’s Homecoming parade on Oct. 2. Fall athletic teams participate in Homecoming in a variety of ways, including scheduling special games, helping “paint the town” and walking in the parade.

The lights turn on after the freshman football game is over‭. ‬The student section is more packed than it has been and will be for‭ ‬the rest of the season‭, ‬and they are dressed in gold‭. ‬There are more people on the sidelines than usual‭. ‬There is more excitement and school spirit in the stadium‭. ‬This is a special game that everyone has been awaiting all week throughout all of the Homecoming events‭. ‬This is the Homecoming football game‭. ‬

Homecoming usually attracts fall sports’‭ ‬teams participation‭, ‬however not every sport gets involved in Homecoming‭. ‬

“The typical sports involved in Homecoming are all of the fall sports and especially football‭, ‬cheer‭, ‬dance‭, ‬etc‭,‬”‭ ‬explained Chris Madson‭, ‬MCHS’s Athletic Director‭. ‬“Being that they are currently in season and have games going on the week of Homecoming‭, ‬it naturally feels like those sports become the focal point‭.‬”

The dance team’s coach helps the girls participate in Homecoming in many of ways that only a few sports and students get to do‭. ‬

“The dance team will be participating in Paint the Town‭, ‬the parade‭, ‬and their annual guy-girl routine at halftime during the varsity football game‭,‬”‭ ‬stated Alyssa Glick‭, ‬MCHS’s head coach of the dance team‭. ‬“The dance team gets very involved in any spirit week theme also‭.‬”

The guy-girl dance is an aspect of Homecoming that many of the dancers on the team look forward to‭. ‬

“Each girl picks a partner to dance with for the game‭,‬”‭ ‬described Tori Sorenson‭, ‬a senior varsity dancer‭. ‬“We usually have dinner and get ready all together before the game‭. ‬It’s actually really fun‭. ‬I love Homecoming with the dance team‮…‬it creates a closer environment between the people that do it together‭. ‬Everybody is just so happy and it’s a great tradition to be able to have the guys dance with us for a game‭.‬”

The dance team is not the only team to participate in the guy-girl performance‭, ‬the cheer team asks guys to join them in preforming at halftime as well‭. ‬The cheer team also participates in many other Homecoming activities too‭. ‬

The cheer team prepares for and celebrates the special Homecoming game together‭. ‬

“Our team has a pasta party before every game‭,‬”‭ ‬stated Katie Lewis‭, ‬a senior cheerleader‭, ‬“but Homecoming is usually one of the bigger pasta parties where we get goodie bags and bows to match the theme‭. ‬This means a lot‭ ‬to me because it is the one game I always look forward to every year because you can tell that game is just different for everyone on the team because throughout the week leading up to it we all get excited‭. ‬Cheering with the guys also just adds some fun‭ ‬and something new to the season instead of it just being us on the sidelines‭!‬”

The football team participates in Homecoming by playing and hosting the Homecoming football game and by being in the parade‭. ‬

“We participate in the parade and hand out candy‭,‬”‭ ‬stated Jeffrey Schroeder‭, ‬MCHS’s head football coach‭. ‬“We will continue to play to the best of our abilities‭. ‬Ultimately winning the Homecoming game annually I feel will do the most to raise school spirit‭,‬”

The football team players are excited to play in the most typically watched and celebrated football game of the school year‭. ‬

“The football team celebrates Homecoming by playing in the most anticipated game of the season‭,‬”‭ ‬described Caiden Bunting‭, ‬a senior varsity football player‭. ‬“More than just that‭, ‬we celebrate by having fun and working hard together‭, ‬and the added excitement of Homecoming just makes those moments more special‭.‬”

Not only is there the football Homecoming game‭, ‬volleyball hosts two games the week of Homecoming which students can home watch‭.‬‭ ‬The volleyball team also encourages their players to participate in the Homecoming festivities‭. ‬

“We compete on both Tuesday and Thursday during Homecoming week‭,‬”‭ ‬stated Kyle Hobson‭, ‬MCHS’s head varsity volleyball coach‭. ‬“Junior and seniors will be participating in the Powder Puff football game if they signed up to participate‭, ‬and the volleyball program is participating in the parade‭.‬”

All fall sports have games and matches the week of Homecoming‭, ‬but only some of the sports have a game or match on the day of Homecoming‭. ‬

“We also host a Homecoming game the morning of the dance and usually go out to breakfast with the team after the game‭,‬”‭ ‬explained Nate Luedtke‭, ‬a senior varsity soccer player‭. ‬“I love just getting into the Homecoming mood‭. ‬It really helps the team bond and the overall atmosphere is amazing‭.‬”

The varsity soccer team will also be participating in the Homecoming parade and is encouraged to participate in other Homecoming‭ ‬festivities‭.‬

“We are in the Homecoming parade‭. ‬We will be walking and tossing out some candy to the little kids on the route and maybe even toss out a few soccer balls‭,‬”‭ ‬described Anthony Caruso‭, ‬the boys varsity soccer team’s head coach‭. ‬“I also encourage all of the soccer players to attend the football game as well‭.‬”

Both the boys and girls golf teams are unable to participate in Homecoming festivities as a team‭, ‬but they would like to see their players to participate Homecoming events‭. ‬

“It is important for athletes to participate in the spirit days‭, ‬Power Puff and Homecoming football game and dance‭,‬”‭ ‬stated Sean Sterner‭, ‬the head girls varsity golf coach‭. ‬“At times it is hard to balance all the events‭, ‬along with golf matches‭ ‬&‭ ‬tournaments‭. ‬Unfortunately Homecoming week is the same‭ ‬week as regionals for girls golf‭.‬”

Not only does girls golf have regionals the week of Homecoming‭, ‬boys golf is preparing for the state series‭. ‬

“We do not and have never been involved in the parade because we are always getting ready for the state series in golf‭,‬”‭ ‬stated Ryan Ellison‭, ‬the head coach of the boys varsity golf team‭. ‬“Personally‭, ‬I would like it if my golfers wanted to get involved‭, ‬but I think improving school spirit comes from intrinsically motivated students who want to get involved‭.‬”

Most of the fall sports or athletes at MCHS participate in Homecoming events and festivities‭, ‬such as the Homecoming football game‭, ‬the parade‭, ‬the dance‭, ‬or paint the town‭. ‬Whether they are in the fan section‭, ‬playing in the games‭, ‬or participating in other festivities‭, ‬it all helps raise school spirit‭.‬

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