Dance team boogies with boys during Homecoming game performance

Despite nerves and hiccups, the annual guy-girl dance still wowed the crowd



Amanda Sikula cheers on the track at McCracken Field with Max DeCicco and her dance team before the Homecoming football game on October 11. The expanded team revved up the crowd before the game, then performed during the half-time show.

Oliver Simpson, Staff Writer

The MCHS dance team combined with a group of guys to perform for the halftime show at the Homecoming football game. 

The dance is put together by the dance team and the coaches. Each girl on the team gets to choose a guy to be their dance partner, with the exception of Laine Hanson. Hanson’s partner was unable to perform so she had to choose someone last minute. She ended up choosing someone who she knew really well, sophomore Kyla Henige who was the only girl chosen for the guy-girl dance varsity team, and on top of that, has never danced.

“When we first walked onto the field I was a little nervous, but once we got out there dancing, I felt more comfortable and just had fun. It was a really good experience and I recommend you do it if given the chance,” says sophomore Chris Schoder.

This year, some of the songs used were popular TikTok songs. While the dancers choreographed most of the dances, they did use some of the original TikTok dances for “Obsessed” and “Git Up”. The other songs included were,  “Womanizer,” “Panini,” “Level Up,” “Dance with Me,” “Boys,” “Locked out of Heaven,” and “Act Up.”

Despite how hard they worked, there were still some bumps in the road. Hanson mentioned, “The only bad thing was halfway through the routine, our music cut out and we couldn’t hear any of the songs. I was actually really impressed with how the guys handled it, they kept going and we finished out the routine. The crowd also started cheering for us when the music cut out, which was really cool.”

While many of the guys were nervous to perform in front of a big crowd, the dancers helped them through their fears and they had an amazing performance.