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It’s called “being hydrated”

The Stanley cup craze is just one in a series of cup trends. What makes this one different?
Rose Wenckebach
Stanley cups are the internet’s latest obsession. The variety of colors have sent fans into frenzy and has taken the spot of the last fixation, Hydroflasks.

Class has begun and a student is walking to their class. Everywhere they look they see Stanley cups. Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple all around them. A few months ago no one had these cups, no you can not take a turn down the hallway without seeing them.

“The Stanley Cup Craze” has people doing unimaginable things for a cup! Different colored cups collectors go crazy waiting for a new cup to come out. Everyone wants a Stanley.

The Stanley cup is the most trending/popular cup currently, similar to when Hydroflasks were trending a few years ago. People are waiting in line for a cup for hours, as well as altercations happening because of this craze going around. Stanley cups have become something new collectors want to collect.

“I honestly do think that stanley’s are just a trend right now,” said Senior Aislinn Rodriguez.

There have been situations like this before where there were popular cups that eventually stopped being so popular like Hydroflasks and Yeti cups.

“I do think that they are currently trendy and will most likely be ‘out of trend’ eventually,” said MCHS substitute Kayleigh Jensen. “I have already noticed Owala becoming the latest trendy water bottle, so Stanley might already be on the way out.”

When there is a new drop for a new stanley cup many resellers tend to wake up early, wait in line and not be considerate about the amount of people behind them that are also waiting.

“I don’t think it is necessary to buy more than one cup, even if the cup itself leaks as well,” said Rodriguez. “It isn’t the best cup so I definitely think it’s only popular because of the design not its performance.”

Stanley had been suspected of having lead in their cups, and they later confirmed in January 2024 that they used lead in the manufacturing of the Stanley cups. Stanley was filed for a suit in February 2024 for having lead in their cups. Stanley said in order for people to be exposed to the lead the cup must be damaged they also said “no lead is present on the surface of any Stanley product that comes into contact with the consumer nor the contents of the product.”

“I personally haven’t done much research on the lead lawsuit but I’m not worried about it,” said Senior Lupita Guzman.

Although Stanley’s might just be a trend right now and only temporarily popular, many people like them a lot. If you walk in the hallway during passing periods at MCHS Upper Campus you will see at least three if not more that have a Stanley. A Stanley cup was one of the top items people asked for for Christmas.

“I think Stanleys are so popular because they hold 40oz, [for the big ones anyway] and keep the drink cold over a long period of time,” said Jensen. “There have been times when I get home from work and there is still ice in my Stanley.”

Stanleys have their ups and downs but regardless stanleys are the current popular cup and may fall out like other cups in the past that have also became popular cups at one point even then people continue to buy them not only do the cups keep beverages cold for a long period of time but people also really like the variety of designs and colors they offer.

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