Keeping secure | Warrior Weekly 10.11.22

MCHS security team welcomes new members

The members of McHenry High School’s security team work hard to ensure the safety of the students who attend. This year, many new security guards have been hired, including the new Director of Security, Art Delgadillo.

Delgadillo explains the importance of his job and why he chose to be the Director of Security. “I took this job because I really care about what’s going on in society. I like working with people, I love community, I like working with other kids.” expressed Delgadillo. “Being a retired policeman, that kind of what I did, I felt that it was kind of a perfect fit.”

Stanley Elem, renowned Upper Campus security guard, explains what being a security guard is like and his duties. “It’s not hard, but you just have to be vigilant, all the stuff that’s going on and today’s world so you really have to take it seriously.” Elem explained. “The kids make it fun, you know, you guys make my job fun.”

The security team is a crucial part of ensuring the safety of MCHS students, taking on a large responsibility throughout the school. When entering the building or walking through the hallways, make sure to greet the security guards and show them some appreciation.