Loud & proud at the Homecoming Game | Warrior Weekly 10.11.22

Band, Color Guard, and the student section created an exciting atmosphere at this year’s homecoming football game.

This past Friday, students gathered at McCracken Field to enjoy the homecoming football game. As usual, they created an exciting atmosphere by cheering and getting the team hyped for their game.

Students encouraged not only the team, but band as well. Senior Brook Krapf explains how McHenry’s homecoming halftime event involved more than just band members: “We’ve got people from all over the school. Cross country, football, dance: it’s all over the place. Learning how to mesh those personalities together to make a good band is one of the things that we’re still working on to this day”. 

As a newly appointed team, drum major and Junior Audrey Dunwoody comments on teamwork leading to last week’s phenomenal performance, “We’re the leaders of the band and we have to put on a good face for them and make them feel supported and strong”.

The student section itself arrived at the game with next-level excitement, each for their own reasons. “I like hanging out with my friends, and I like watching the game even though I don’t really understand it,” said senior Thomas Rosegay. Meanwhile, senior Amanda Miles reflected on the popularity of the homecoming game as compared to other games. “It’s just the amount of people here. Everyone wants to go to the homecoming game because it’s such a big game; it’s the most popular one. So many more people makes it more exciting,” she remarked.

Without the student section and student organizations like Band and Color Guard, football games would lack the culture and enthusiasm that makes them great. They played a crucial role in making this year’s homecoming game as exciting as it was.