Bringing tradition back

MCHS keeps the tradition of the Madrigal Dinner alive for the 17th year following a break due to COVID restrictions


James Keating

The first Madrigal dinner post pandemic took place in the FC auditorium on Dec. 4, festivities included dinner, show, and a magical enviornment.

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Manager

People sit in the crowd, eating and watching the students of MCHS put on a renaissance show different from most. There’s singing, dancing, and conversing with the actors while everyone eats.

The Madrigal Dinner is a renaissance dinner and show put on by MCHS Surround Sound and those who want to participate. Performances took place on December 4 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the Freshman Campus auditorium.

“It’s basically the renaissance fair but for partygoers,” says senior Cryrus Alaca, “You get to eat – honestly the food there is going to be incredible. And then it’s like an hour and a half of just music and singing. So it really is just like a medieval party.”

The Madrigal Dinner is a very special experience for all involved. The music and dancing is a happy, heel-stomping renaissance-style.

Junior Alayna Majkrzak says, “I really like the time period that the music is from, I love the renaissance period. I love the costumes and then the music, and I like that it all just comes together and comes to life.”

Due to COVID-19, the Madrigal Dinner was cancelled last year, making this year’s dinner even more special.

“It will be kind of like the rebirth because usually there are 60 to 70% of the people that are returning because they enjoyed it the last time,” says Derek Galvicius, the director of the dinner, “So this time there’s maybe 5 or 10% coming back because they remember how much they love it. So now we’re almost creating a brand new generation of renaissance era love.”

When people are sitting in the audience under the light music, they are witnessing a new era for the MCHS Madrigal Dinner. As well as witnessing the rebirth of the renaissance in the modern era.

All of the students involved worked hard and are excited to be able to put on a performance. They are bringing back the tradition that COVID-19 had postponed for far too long.

Excited energy fills the Freshman Campus auditorium as students get ready to put on the performance that they had been preparing for for months. Singing, laughter, and mingling ringing through the air, bringing people together and bringing back the renaissance era in full swing.