McHenry staple keeps things sweet | from Warrior Weekly 11.1.22

Sweet Pea Emporium opens its doors for students of MCHS

What started out as two childhood best friends with a dream has flourished into a charming baking business. Sweet Peas Emporium’s nostalgic feel gives their customers a blast from the past while captivating today’s kids with their delicious sweets. 

The shop’s menu is stocked with handmade desserts and drinks. “Our specialty is cookies. We have almost 30 different kinds,” told one of the owners, Linda Grundy. “We make our frostings, cookies, and we roast the nuts here. We also make our chocolates, our caramels, creams, and truffles. It keeps us busy.” The smell of their freshly baked pastries and the bright colors on the walls are vibrant and inviting.

The global pandemic has slowed business the last few years, but since social outings have become more normal, customers are adding up. “The kids who come over here are just wonderful. Theyre always kind,” Grundy fondly mentioned. “We love the store to be inviting; people want to come back to see how it’s changed up!”

Sweet Peas Emporium is a one-of-a-kind experience for the family. Stepping foot in the door is like stepping into a time machine.The next time you’ve got a sweet tooth, head down to Sweet Peas Emporium for a real treat.