MCHS celebrates Veteran’s Day | Warrior Weekly 11.15.22

Students learn from past veterans about their experience

Mathew Koleno, Ethan Bailey, and Cole Amelse

Students had the opportunity to learn from Veterans and Active Duty soldiers of different types in the Upper Campus auditorium this past November 11th. 

The Veterans Day Seminar, coordinated by Mr Sterner, took place on November 11th, in the Upper Campus auditorium. The seminar had many veterans, and an active duty soldier.“We decided to gather local veterans. We asked them to participate in the panel. We have been doing it for many years” says Mr Sterner. Students were able to ask questions to the open panel, to further their view on the people serving our country.

There were many different questions asked throughout the day. Questions varied from what their initial boot camp training days were like, to the funniest things that had happened to them while serving, to the hardest things that they had to experience. There were lots of questions answered, and students got a better understanding of what it was like for them to serve their country. “It brings up a lot of memories alot of emotions” says Mr. Raymond Haggerty.

Overall, McHenry holds this event at their schools on Veterans Day, instead of taking the day off, in order to spread awareness of veterans who have served in the armed services. It has been a tradition for many years, and brings light to those people.