MCHS closed tomorrow due to inclement weather, finals rescheduled

Finals to take place on Jan. 9 after pending inclement weather leads to closure of both campuses


Kennedy Tetour

Though there was barely any snow on the ground in McHenry on Wednesday afternoon, MCHS cancelled the second day of finals on Thursday due to inclement weather predictions.

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor

MCHS will close tomorrow, Dec. 22, due to impending inclement weather and hazardous conditions. Day two finals will now take place on Jan. 9, when students and staff return from winter break.

“In addition, all activities, athletic practices and athletic competitions are canceled for tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, Dec. 23,” an email sent out reads.

At 10:41 a.m. today, the National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning in effect from 9 a.m Thursday to 6 a.m. Saturday. It warns of travel in McHenry and parts of Illinois being ‘extremely difficult’ and ‘dangerously cold wind chills,’ which can cause frostbite in as little as 20 minutes.

In closing, MCHS considers excessive snowfall making roads hazardous and extreme cold where the wind chill reaches around -30 degrees, says the district website. Factors in closing include visibility, parking lot conditions at the campuses and staffing.

“Anytime we have a storm warning, that’s generally the threshold for closing,” Superintendent Ryan McTague said. “It was calling for blizzard-like conditions. We share transportation with our feeder district … so it was hazardous for not only the buses but for kids and parents driving to and from school.”

McTague said MCHS first looked at the weather forecast and agencies to determine whether it would be adequate to close. Then, he looked at different weather warnings issued and emergency notices in McHenry County. Ultimately, he decided to close the school after considering busing with District 15 and the safety of students, parents and staff.

“We generally work with our principals in the schools to talk about what closure might look like,” he added. “For the time, it means we’re going to lose final exams and [deciding] what the new schedule is going to look like.”

MCHS’ closure tomorrow signifies the start of winter break and school will resume on Monday, Jan. 9. Students will make up the day at the end of the year, but events like prom and graduation won’t be affected.

“I am excited to have winter break [earlier] because I can spend time with my family,” senior Athziri Gonzalez said. “I feel glad. At the same time, though, I would rather … finish finals, so I can relax during the Christmas break.”