MCHS hosts 18th annual Madrigal Dinner event

MCHS hosted its Renaissance-themed feast on Dec. 3 for the community at the Freshman Campus auditorium


Amy Maciaszek

Students perform on stage during the Madrigal Dinner on Dec. 3 in the Freshman Campus theatre.

Freedom Tomasello, Opinions Editor

This year, MCHS hosted its annual Madrigal Dinner at the Freshman Campus auditorium on Dec. 3. The dinner featured performances from the Surround Sound choir, skits featuring students and a meal, including a bread bowl and pumpkin pie. 

A Madrigal Dinner is a Renaissance-themed feast often held by schools during the winter season to recreate the feasts held in the baronial halls throughout England during the 12 days of Christmas. Performances from the school choir and student volunteers can be enjoyed while eating a meal prepared by cooks.

MCHS students dressed and spoke as if they were in the Renaissance age, creating an experience that pulled all guests in by immersing them to feel as if they took a trip back in time.

The surround sound choir sang a variety of songs, including “The First Noel,” “Silent Night” and Madrigal-specific songs, such as “Boar’s Head” and “Wassail.”

“My favorite part of Madrigals is the intimacy part of the performance,” says participant Riley Butler. “With a small cast and not a lot of time to memorize actual lines, about 60% of the performance is just us — the cast, getting really into character and bouncing off of each other with fun improv.”

The show was enjoyable for all of those involved — whether that be a cast member messing with a family member in the audience or an audience member getting to watch their child sing their heart out on a renaissance-themed stage. 

“People should go and see the Madrigal performance because it is fun and enjoyable,” says Colton Sundberg, who played a sword fighter. “You’ll get a laugh out of watching somebody get a pie in the face and people dancing while listening to the music. Or,  you can enjoy the food that is served.” 

In addition to the entertainment factor, a Madrigal Dinner is a unique experience that most people don’t get to attend in their everyday life. The audience enjoyed MCHS’ show and the crew’s hard work throughout the night.