MCHS prepares for the Madrigal Dinner | Warrior Weekly 11.22.22

Galvicius compiles his team ahead of the annual Madrigal dinner event

Lex Bach, Neo Fritz, and Rachel Blucher

Madrigal auditions have passed and we look back to how it went. With the auditions, the cast has been selected and practice has begun.

Madrigals is not a musical or a play but an improvised semi-scripted show. With singing, dancing and acting. You also get to enjoy dinner while watching the show. Madrigal is the actual type of song featured in the show. “If you were to say punk rock or country. That’s the genre,” explains Derek Galavicius, sponsor of the event. 

Sophomore Jameson Shea explains why you should go see the show. “It’s a lot of fun,” Shea responded. “You get to hear surround sound, singing, you get to see a bunch of great acting and a lot of funny skits.”

The Madrigal dinner is ultimately just a good time all around. The show will be on Dec 3, 2022 at 3 and 7pm  at the Freshman Campus.