MCHS releases the 2021-2022 Netflix-themed yearbook | Warrior Weekly 10.11.22

MCHS’ student body gets excited and eager to see all the details of last year’s yearbook

Ali Casey, Maddie Spencer, Matthew Woods, Cole Amelse, Ethan Bailey, and Mathew Koleno

During homecoming week, Warrior Student Media released the 2021-2022 Netflix-themed yearbook. Mrs. Betsy Goy talks about how close her students got and what it was like to put the yearbook all together.

“The process was really fun so the class that I teach the yearbook we spent the entire year on it, it was one of those processes that we just kind of worked well as a team and everyone got really close last year.” explained Goy. 

Though being a part of a yearbook is often underrated, senior Annie Trinh shares what her experience is like being a big part of the team. 

“Being a part of the yearbook has been really fun in my opinion. We got to interact with a bunch of people, take pictures and overall it was a very fun experience.” shared Trinh.

Photography was a huge part of our 2021-2022 yearbook, however Goy expresses that the next yearbook will include more writing and features. 

“Definitely need more stories so we really were picture heavy on this one because everyone had so much fun taking pictures and you’ll see that there’s so many that are from the student’s perspective,” expressed Goy. 

Last year’s yearbook, “The Warrior” hit our student body with a bang. With how well our Netflix themed book turned out, I think it’s safe to say MCHS will be looking forward to everything new and exciting that will come with our next yearbook.