MCHS to host Battle of The Bands at the Freshman Campus

This years Battle of The Bands will take place Feb. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Freshman Campus auditorium


Nikki Sisson

The Battle of the Bands takes place on Friday in the Freshman Campus auditorium. Not only will the event showcase student bands and solo acts, but will also offer food from two different food trucks.

Eli Frommes, Staff Writer

The annual Battle of the Bands is taking place Friday, Feb. 10 at the Freshman Campus auditorium at 6 p.m.

This year at Battle of the Bands, there will be six bands performing and four in between acts. At this event there will also be food trucks including El Zorro Tacos, and Sandie dogs. There will also be a professional photographer there to take pictures of students, and the event.

Leah Pelletier says, “Guests will get to eat their food in the upper gym, just down the hall from the theater. We are not doing face painting this year and instead decided to hire a photobooth company to come out!”

This year the Battle of the Bands will be held at the Freshmen Campus theater instead of at the Upper Campus with it being newly renovated to try the new space.

Pelletier says, “We have changed the venue! This is usually held in the UC auditorium or gym. The students wanted to switch it to Freshman Campus so that there would be room on the floor to dance and rock out to the music! Additionally, the FC theater is newly renovated and we wanted to host the event in the new beautiful space!”

Of the six bands playing, one is last year’s Battle of the Bands winners with an additional new member.

Junior Emberlin Carlson says, “We are really excited to say that we’re competing again this year. We have 4 members including myself: Molara Fashola, Vic Camacho, and Angel Liceaga.”

Getting ready for Battle of the Bands takes a long time but in the end the product and all hard work turns into a great time on stage and maybe even a win.

Carlson says, “We’ve been practicing a lot, probably for the past 2-3 months. We all can play instruments but we really wanted a piano player and so we have a new member (Angel), he’s super talented and so we’re really excited about that.”

No matter the outcome after all the practice, win or lose students still have a blast on stage showing off what they love to do.

Carlson says, “Our experience has been so cool and really fulfilling. We all really love music and creating music and so when we come together we have so much fun and create some really cool things. Performing is something that we love too and so the fact that we can do that together is amazing and something we all do really well together.”