Midterm elections candidate endorsements 2022

Our candidate and ballot measure recommendations for McHenry County’s Nov. 8 elections


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This year, the staff of the McHenry Messenger reached out to as many candidates on the ballot as we possibly could, and we have gotten to know each race. Here are our endorsements.

Editorial Board

Though the president isn’t on the ballot, this year’s midterm elections are crucial; casting a vote this Nov. 8 is more important than ever. With issues like gun control, abortion and the economy on the line, voters have plenty to consider when selecting candidates.

To help voters choose, The McHenry Messenger researched and interviewed candidates to learn about their platforms and qualifications. The following are our candidate endorsements for this year’s races. Note that we are not endorsing a candidate for every race on the ballot. 


Illinois Amendment 1, Right to Collective Bargaining: Vote YES

Voting ‘YES’ on the proposed measure would protect employees’ “fundamental right to organize and bargain collectively.” Having that right is essential for workers. Under the amendment, the Illinois legislature wouldn’t be able to pass laws interfering with joining unions, ultimately benefiting workers.

One key flaw of the amendment, though, is its wording. The writing is broad and could lead to trouble in the future, as anything could qualify as “economic welfare” or laws “interfering, negating, or diminishing” employees’ rights.


U.S. Senate: Tammy Duckworth (D)

Tammy Duckworth is the best candidate for Illinois’ U.S. Senator. Duckworth has an incredibly moving story that gives her the drive to actually accomplish the things that she promises. She was the first female double amputee in the Iraq War, making her a strong advocate for police reform and gun safety. In addition to her dedication to safety, she is also a mother and strongly supports families and women’s rights. 

Though opponent Kathy Salvi is not the worst candidate for the job, she lacks basic morals that Duckworth grasps so well. Duckworth is the best candidate for the job. 


U.S. House District 11 (McHenry): Bill Foster (D)

Rep. Bill Foster has represented Illinois’ 11th Congressional District since 2013. He is the only doctorate-holding physicist in Congress and serves on the Science, Space and Technology Committee. With climate change being a pressing issue, there’s no better person to elect as McHenry’s representative. Foster has got the experience and credentials for the job. 

Opponent Catalina Lauf claims she will “fight for you and your rights,” but her views on abortion and gun control are confusing and don’t reflect Illinois’ overall values and needs. 


U.S. House District 10 (Wonder Lake): Brad Schneider (D)

Rep. Brad Schneider has represented Illinois’ 10th Congressional District for eight of the last 10 years. He was previously named one of the most active and bipartisan Democrats in the House. With the current state of democracy, bipartisanship is just what Congress needs to address the issues the nation faces.

Though Republican candidate Joseph Severino has good ideas concerning the economy, he’s too concerned with “politics being shoved down the throats of our district” in schools. There are currently more pressing issues than that.


Governor of Illinois: J.B. Pritzker (D)

Younger people have differing opinions from older generations and demand leaders willing to uphold those values. That candidate is J.B. Pritzker. He is more likely to uphold the values of young people in Illinois including keeping abortion safe and legal and making sure that public schools in Illinois can continue educating in a way that is safe and effective for staff and students. Whereas, Darren Bailey has clearly stated that he wants to change how public schools are teaching and being run in Illinois.


Lieutenant Governor of Illinois: Juliana Stratton (D)

Juliana Sratton is the better candidate for Lt. Governor. The issues she wants to address and work on relate to a lot of the minority and underrepresented population in Illinois. Opponent Stephanie Trussell has recently expressed on her Twitter that she feels Governor Pritzker is “ruling like a tyrant king” for protecting his constituents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of Darren Bailey and Trussell’s stances are very extreme; prohibiting abortion is one of these stances. On Bailey and Trussell’s campaign site, it mentions Bailey being “a man of faith” before stating that they want to get rid of overaccess to abortion. Isn’t religion supposed to stay out of politics?


Illinois State Senate District 32: Allena Barbato (D)

Allena Barbato would be better for Illinois senator. Although Craig Wilcox is the current senator and has been doing well, Barbato wants to address new issues that aren’t as upfront as economics. Illinois still has debt to pay, but has been on its way to become more financially stable under Comptroller Suzana Mendoza. Now is the time to get closer with constituents to bring a change that can even benefit Illinois’ current spending and taxation. 


Illinois House of Representatives District 63: Steve Reick (R)

Out of the two candidates, Steve Reick is the most qualified for the job. He has represented District 63 since 2017 and is the spokesperson for the Labor & Commerce and Revenue & Finance committees. Though he holds very conservative views on abortion and gun control, he is at least willing to compromise. For years, the Illinois House has been controlled by Democrats, which leads to more liberal policies. Electing Reick won’t necessarily mean conservative policies for Illinois.

Though opponent Brian Meyers has ideas that better reflect Illinois’ values, he lacks experience in politics and policy making. He’s worked in other people’s campaigns but was mostly a teacher for 31 years.


Illinois Secretary of State: Dan Brady (R)

Both Dan Brady and Alexi Giannilous have similar goals they would like to accomplish while in office. However, Brady is the better choice as Secretary of State because he is more active within the community and wants to help those individuals. He has the personal relationship aspect with citizens wanted in a Secretary of State position. 

Since they have a similar plan of action, Dan Brady stands out more for his willingness to serve the communities to their fullest.


Illinois Supreme Court 2nd District: Elizabeth Rochford (D)

Judge Elizabeth Rochford is the most qualified candidate for Illinois Supreme Court. She brings years of court experience to the table and exhibits the right amount of knowledge to take this seat. Between her endorsements and policies showing care for the citizens of Illinois that would otherwise go ignored, she is the best person to vote for during the Nov. 8 Illinois Supreme Court election. 

Opponent Mark Curran appears to lack both experience and understanding of what Illinois really needs and doesn’t show the capabilities of taking on such an important role in government.


Attorney General of Illinois: Kwame Raoul (D)

Democrat Kwame Raoul is running for reelection as Illinois’ Attorney General. Raoul deserves this position again as he has previously shown success. He is fighting for equal rights, affordable healthcare, women’s right to choose and more, reflecting Illinois’ values.