Movies together amid crisis

The McHenry Outdoor Theatre strives to do the impossible during this shutdown – bring people together


Families gathered at the McHenry Outdoor Theatre on May 8, 2020 to see prehistoric classics.

Megan Walsh, Contributing Writer

Friday, May 8, 2020, during a global pandemic, the McHenry Outdoor Theatre opened for business with strict rules. The movies played were The Flintstones and Jurassic Park. 

The gates to The Outdoor open at 6:30 p.m. at the latest, and customers are advised not to come later than 7 p.m. In order to follow the CDC guidelines presented, only one car will be allowed in between the poles. This limits the car maximum from 750 vehicles to 350 vehicles. 

Customers are not allowed to leave their cars, and if they choose to sit in the back of their cars, they are required to be wearing a facemask. The only time you can leave your car is for the bathroom, if it is an emergency, you are required to be wearing a facemask. For concessions, carts will be driving throughout The Outdoor during the night with limited supplies. 

The owner, Scott, ensured in a Facebook post this past Sunday, that “all employees have been educated and trained on the need for personal sanitation and hygiene as well as the sanitation of our facility. All employees must wash their hands at least every 15-25 minutes and must wear/change gloves and facemasks frequently.” 

More information on the rules and regulations at the McHenry Outdoor can be found on their Facebook page. The page is called, McHenry Outdoor Theater – Golden Age Cinemas and daily updates are posted.