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Opinion | JoJo Si-WHAT?!

While the internet focuses on Siwa’s new rebrand, her alleged role in the downfall of XOMG POP! is swept under the rug
Michael Tullberg / Getty Images / TNS
Singer JoJo Siwa performs at Honda Center in Anaheim, California, on Aug. 13, 2019.

Internet personality JoJo Siwa, most famously known for her role on Dance Moms, has recently been under fire for allegations regarding XOMG POP!, a dance group Siwa runs with her mom. A member of the pop group came out with claims that XOMG POP! created a toxic work environment.

Siwa started the girl group in hopes of creating the next pop sensation, but now finds herself in hot water after members of the group have spoken out about the harsh treatment they endured while working for Siwa and her mother, Jessalyn.

According to Rolling Stone, unnamed sources from Dance Pop Revolution allege that the Siwas allowed producers to make the kids cry for the camera, which the production company denies. Sources also claimed that the members of XOMG POP! worked a rigorous schedule with long, grueling hours, sometimes even skipping their school breaks.

JoJo Siwa was not the only one who allegedly facilitated a hostile environment for the kids. Members allege that her mother, Jessalyn, also contributed to the cruel treatment and cutthroat environment, supposedly yelling at and insulting the members of XOMG POP! as they rehearsed.

Former XOMG POP! member Leigha Sanderson came forward alleging the mistreatment, recounting details from her time on the team.

Sanderson was born with spina bifida, a disability that affects the formation of the spinal cord. Because of this, she has struggled with her health and undergone many surgeries throughout her young life.

Sanderson claims that during a rehearsal just days before her surgery, the combination of the physical demand and her medical condition caused her bellybutton to bleed. Sanderson alleges that, instead of offering for her to take a break to recover, Jessalyn told her to put a maxi pad over it so as not to ruin her costume.

Although Sanderson is the only member who openly shares about her experience, other members have anonymously made claims. As of now, only three members remain. Sanderson’s mother says that her daughter was supposedly the only ex-member of XOMG POP! who did not sign a non-disclosure agreement.

JoJo Siwa still denies the claims and has since committed to changing her public image. Many spectators of the situation sense a pattern between Siwa’s problematic behavior as the leader of XOMG POP! and what she endured during her days on Dance Moms with coach Abby Lee Miller.

“There’s a lot of similarities. Now, she’s one of Abby’s favorites so now she’s probably just trying to be like her teacher,” said junior Miah Kucinski.











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