Opinion: Students still deserve free lunch

Since COVID pandemic restrictions have lifted, schools have stopped serving free lunch to all students. This is a mistake because hungry students can’t learn.


Lilyonna Kribley

Students at MCHS have lots of inexpensive lunch options, but some students are still unable to afford lunch each day, causing students to be more focused on their hunger than their studies.

Emily Ostrander, Contributing Writer

A student leaves math class and is heading to lunch. The student begins to think, I wish I could afford lunch. I’m really hungry. The student finds a table at lunch, sits down and goes on their phone the entire lunch period instead of eating. This is why we need free lunch again.

In America we had free lunch through COVID but once COVID was over lunch wasn’t free. Lunch is $3.20 which is sorta a lot because if you get lunch everyday it will add up and some students can’t afford school lunch. If students can’t afford lunch and can fill out a sheet to get a reduced lunch.

Not being able to afford lunch is not embarrassing. There should be free lunch for all the students but there should be a limit of one meal per student. According to the Noah Webster Educational Foundation, children can’t learn on an empty stomach. Regardless of family income, many children end up without lunch at school. Their cafeteria tab hasn’t been paid because their single dad simply forgot to pay or their mom forgot to prepare a packed lunch to take with them. Whatever the case, readily available income isn’t always the issue for a child going hungry. A hungry child is a distracted child. Free lunch should be for everyone because students can’t learn on an empty stomach.

To prevent poor health, food insecurity ,and obesity rates we should have free lunch. Having free lunch improves your health, food insecurity, and obesity rates. This article shows why having free lunch and eating lunch would improve your health. Research shows that receiving free or reduced-price school lunches reduces food insecurity, obesity rates, and poor health. In addition, the new school meal nutrition standards are having a positive impact on student food selection and consumption, especially for fruits and vegetables.

Having free lunch will help to reduce childhood hunger and improve the school meals. According to the Food Research and Action Center, improvinging the meals unit cost of producing each meal goes down. Healthy school meals should be available to all students, including those who may be in need but are not financially eligible under the current rules. Lunch should be free so we could reduce childhood hunger and improve school meals.

Some people think lunch shouldn’t be free, that students who can afford lunch should pay for it. But lunch should be free to avoid poor health and food insecurity. Lunch that is free should have a limit of one meal per student. Lunches that aren’t free will end up with students not eating because they can”t afford a lunch.

Schools all over the world should have free lunch so students don’t skip meals. Skipping meals is bad for your health and you won’t focus on your school work.  Lunch should be free in all schools to prevent poor health, food insecurity and obesity rates. No student should sit on their phone, lunchless and starving, when hot food is waiting for them in the cafeteria.