Phoning Poland | Warrior Weekly 10.18.22

MCHS’ Leadership in Action class called overseas to chat with students in Poland

Last Tuesday, MCHS’s Leadership in Action class had the opportunity to talk with high schoolers in Poland and learn about their daily lives. The students were able to explore their curiosity on teenage life in another country.

The class was ecstatic to be able to question Polish kids about their culture. “We were told we were going to talk to Polish students. We didn’t really know what to expect,” senior Alexis Turner shared. “I think the meeting went really well. It was nice hearing things from somewhere outside our country. We are really not that different, whether we’re in the United States or Poland.”

Putting a modern spin on the classic pen pal dynamic, Mr. Gary Myers expresses his reasoning for the meetup between schools. “We wanted to establish dialogue between our students and students from another country. Their cultures are different, as well as  their lifestyles.” Myer feels like this opportunity was a wonderful way to allow students to ask any questions about life in Europe. “I really wanted our students to get an idea of what it’s like for students in Poland to be students in Poland.”

Communicating in both Polish and English, the students also had the chance to ask the Leadership in Action class about highschool life here in America. The class hopes to set up some form of relief for the Ukrainian students at the school, as well as the hopes of staying in touch with their new friends across the pond via social media.