Playing dress-up | Warrior Weekly 10.11.22

Students celebrate homecoming with a week of dressing up

This past week, students at MCHS celebrated their homecoming with a week of school spirit. Students dressed up in different themes such as Adam Sandler, Minions, Warrior Pride, White Lies, and Camo.

With that being said, students are very excited because to some it is new and for others it is their last. As said by Apryl Hannenman, “It’s our senior year, it’s our last year here and we wanted  to go all out for all the days. Both of us really like minions.”

Another day that students and teachers alike were excited for was White Lies day, where people were given the creative freedom to write a lie about themselves on a white t-shirt. “We are really excited about white lie day just because it has been so popular on TikTok…there is so much you can do with it,” explained student council member Charlotte Alexander.