New projects begin in Buckner Gym

MCHS make changes to its PE facilities as it plans a new Adventure Education course offering


Construction of a climbing wall began on the east side of Buckner Gym in early-February. The wall will accommodate the district’s new Adventure Education course.

Madison Harvey, Staff Writer

Beginning on Saturday, February 6, construction of a few projects began in Buckner Gym. The gym was previously used primarily for fitness machines and equipment, as well as Strength and Dance classes. 

Now, the space will also be used for a brand new physical education class entitled Adventure Education. The class will feature lifelong skills such as archery, mountain biking, camping, water skills, climbing, survival skills, and first aid training.

Construction projects include a rock wall, repelling platform, and a high ropes course. The projects are expected to be completed in 6 weeks, and they will begin to be used in the fall semester of the 2021-22 school year. 

MCHS P.E. teacher Jacob Guardalabene explains, “I am really excited about MCHS getting a Rock Wall and an Adventure Ed class.  I have been trying to get these at MCHS for the last 9 years.” He also expresses hope to start a rock climbing club in the near future. 

Currently, Buckner is still being used for physical education classes, but in limited space. The basketball team also uses the gym for practices. Other activities starting soon plan to use the gym for practices as well. 

A few new projects including a rock wall, repelling platform, and high ropes course have begun construction in Buckner gym, which are expected to be complete in six weeks.