Review: “Her Loss” might be his loss

Drake and 21 Savage’s new surprise album is a mix of good music and controversy as Drake stirs up drama with his lyrics


Epic Records

Last week, rappers Drake and 21 Savage collaboratively released “Her Loss” through OVO Sound, Republic Records, Slaughter Gang Entertainment and Epic Records.

Suprise album by rap powerhouses Drake and 21 Savage, “Her Loss” was released on November 4th to roaring applause from the community. Drake having a questionable (at best) last few years with the divisive “Certified Lover Boy” and “Honestly Nevermind”, fans were hoping that influences from 21 could bring him back. In my opinion, the pair succeeded- however lyrics on this album have stirred some controversy. 

Vocally, Drake and 21 Savage are showing more of the same on this record, but that is not a fault. 21 Savage’s vocal delivery is iconic and perfectly compliments the music, particularly on “3 AM on Glenwood” and Drake continues his hip-hop stylings with occasional singing. Drake’s vocals on “Major Distribution” are definitely a highlight. However, the sometimes nasally nature of Drake’s singing voice can weigh the music down. On “Treacherous Twin” Drake has a strange way of delivering his lines that just doesn’t land for me. Other than that, however, the vocals are just fine. 

Production wise, the album combines the best parts of both members’ styles. The persistent and dark, bass heavy nature of 21’s music collaborates with Drake’s more mainstream, synth/house inspired production. The instrumental on on “P**** And Millions” particularly caught my attention, with the house inspired chords in the background harmonizing perfectly with the hard bass and drums. With Lil Yachty, Tay Keith, and Metro Boomin (among others) having their hand in the instrumentals, this was bound to be a class-act in modern hip hop sound. 

Any conversation to be had about the lyrics has to start with acknowledging the enemies Drake is making by the release of this record. “This b**** lie ’bout gettin’ shots but she still a stallion” off of “Circo Loco” is believed to be a shot towards rapper Megan The Stallion referring to her shooting allegations towards Tory Lanez. Additionally, Drake throws shots at (of all people) Serena Williams and her husband on “Middle Of The Ocean” and additionally, his own haters throughout the album. While 21 is on his usual stylings, which compliment all the other parts of the music just fine, Drake stirs controversy, and honestly, while it’s extremely entertaining to watch the drama unfold, it paints Drake as a child and a misogynist. What’s new? 

Controversy aside, the album is at worst entertaining and at best a masterclass in modern rap. I think it’s a must listen if you want to keep your pulse on the scene, but only with the preface that Drake is (suprise surprise) still problematic.