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Review: You’re a moth

“Saltburn” came out in November, but just recently gained wider popularity, but many have mixed opinions about this weird, wild movie
Saltburn, the drama/thriller starring Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan, contains many controversial scenes.

Weird movies are the best. They have the best acting, weirdest and most interesting plot, a wild card ending, and always the talk of the town. The film “Saltburn” is considered one of these weird yet good movies, and some sense is talked about more than the movie as a whole.

This film centers around a character named Oliver, who has an unfortunate living situation and a complicated relationship with his parents. At college he made a new friend named Felix who came from a pretty wealthy family, and after they became friends Oliver told his new friend his living situation. After their friendship grew Felix offered to let Oliver stay at his house over break, after that things went downhill for Felix’s, his parents, and sister. 

I never really knew what the movie was about, but I saw people making reactions to it but not spoiling the movie. I assumed that those people were being dramatic so I decided to watch the movie without knowing a single thing about the film. 

At first the movie was normal, no weird beginning or anything, and the acting was really good as well. In one of the scenes of the movie, Oliver came over to Felix’s dorm room after his father passed away. He said that his dad was most likely drinking and that he hit his head pretty hard that he ended up passing away. Felix of course felt bad and said to go home with his mom and Oliver said no because his mom is also an alcoholic and a drug addict.

Felix and Oliver became closer, and over summer break Felix offered for Oliver to come and stay with him and his family because of his situation. After that Oliver did some pretty weird things.

Those being in one of the scenes of Oliver staying over, Oliver can be a little creepy at times. When Felix was done using the bathroom he left without seeing Oliver, and Oliver went to the bathroom and saw the water still draining, and he drank the water.

In another scene Oliver saw Felix’s sister outside, and after he went outside to see her. Nothing weird happened at first but then they started making out. And things just escalated from there on and got weird, I personally thought that sense was kind of unnecessary and did not need to be in the film at all.

After Oliver did that to Felix’s sister, one of Felix’s friends saw what happened and then told Felix what happened and then when Felix was mad at Oliver. Oliver tried fixing the situation by lying and saying that his sister was trying to kiss him and that he was innocent.

After Oliver calmed things down with Felix, Oliver came to Felix’s friend’s room to make sure he stayed quiet. 

There were a bunch more weird scenes in the movie and, overall the movie is kind of off putting. With that being said, there is such great acting and amazing cinematography. If you are the kind of person who gets grossed out very easily then maybe be a bit weary if you want to watch but overall pretty good.

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