MCHS offers to cover cost of SAT test in early March for juniors

To help improve scores, MCHS is offering to reimburse $60 SAT fee for juniors


Allie Everhart

The door of the College and Career Center at the Upper Campus advertises a variety of opportunities for juniors who are preparing to take the SAT this spring.

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor

Juniors can now get reimbursed for taking an additional SAT on March 11 at MCHS, a national testing site this year.

The opportunity comes ahead of the state-mandated testing day on April 12. It gives students additional exposure to the test, which can improve scores.

“In the past, students desiring to take the [earlier test] would have to travel to a school in a neighboring community,” College and Career Counselor Curtis Menke said. “Offering a session at MCHS increases access, opportunity and comfort for our students”

Juniors must register on the College Board site by Feb. 10 to take the test. Initially, they need to pay the $60 fee. After the test, MCHS will provide credit to their school account.

“We wanted to break down all the barriers … so as many juniors could take it to improve,” Carl Vallianatos, assistant superintendent for learning and innovation, said. “The incentive will allow the juniors to get their money back … making it essentially free.”

Juniors who take the March 11 test will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card from Black Diamond Plumbing, sponsor of the “Scores Rise-a-Latte” program. There will also be a drawing for prizes.

“Black Diamond recognizes the value of the skills assessed on the SAT, particularly how those are applied in the workplace and in Workforce Training-based careers,” Menke added. “They recognize … hard work and preparation, and those are inherent in this process.”

The SAT evaluates students’ abilities in reading, writing and math. Colleges and scholarships at times require scores. Some students choose to take an early SAT to improve their scores.

“I take the SAT because I feel it’s standard for juniors,” Tyler Hurckes said. “I think I am [taking the March 11 SAT]. I think it’s important for your future.”

In February, MCHS will host ZAPS Test Prep sessions to help prepare students for the SAT. Sessions offer strategies, practice books and study guides. ZAPS comes at a cost, but fee waivers are available.